26-30 July 2021
Europe/Berlin timezone

Latest 3-flavor neutrino oscillations results from the NOvA experiment

26 Jul 2021, 16:50


Parallel session talk Neutrino Physics T04: Neutrino Physics


Steven Calvez (Colorado State University)


NOvA is a long-baseline neutrino oscillation experiment. Its large tracking calorimeters can detect and identify muon and electron neutrino interactions with high efficiency. Neutrinos produced by the NuMI beam are detected by a Near Detector, located at Fermilab, and a much larger Far Detector, located 810km away in Ash River, Minnesota. NOvA can measure the electron neutrino and antineutrino appearance rates, as well as the muon neutrino and antineutrino disappearance rates, in order to constrain neutrino oscillations parameters, including the neutrino mass hierarchy and the CP-violating phase $\delta_{CP}$.
This talk will present NOvA's latest results combining both neutrino data ($13.6\times10^{20}$POT) and antineutrino data ($12.5\times10^{20}$ POT).

Collaboration / Activity NOvA
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First author Steven Calvez

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Steven Calvez (Colorado State University)

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