Jul 26 – 30, 2021
Europe/Berlin timezone

First Sub-eV Neutrino Mass Limit from the KATRIN Experiment

Jul 26, 2021, 11:00 AM


Parallel session talk Neutrino Physics T04: Neutrino Physics


Christian Karl (Max Planck Institute for Physics)


The KATRIN experiment is designed to measure the effective electron anti-neutrino mass $m_\nu$ with a sensitivity close to 0.2 eV by investigating the energy spectrum of tritium $\beta$-decay. After a brief introduction of the experiment, we will focus on the results from our second data taking phase which took place in autumn 2019. For this period, the source activity was increased by a factor of four with respect to the first campaign and around 4.2 million electrons were collected in the region of interest. A fit to this data including all dominant uncertainties yields $m^2_\nu = 0.26 \pm 0.34$ eV$^2$. This corresponds to an upper limit of $m_\nu < 0.9$ eV (sensitivity $m_\nu < 0.7$ eV) using the method of Lokhov and Tkachov. Finally, we will give a brief outlook on the upcoming measurement phases.

Collaboration / Activity KATRIN

Primary author

Christian Karl (Max Planck Institute for Physics)


Susanne Mertens (Max Planck Institute for Physics)

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