26-30 July 2021
Europe/Berlin timezone

Precise predictions of the mass of the discovered Higgs boson in supersymmetric scenarios

26 Jul 2021, 14:32


Parallel session talk Higgs Physics T09: Higgs Physics


Heidi Rzehak (University of Tübingen)


The mass of the discovered Higgs boson is one of its most precisely measured properties with an experimental accuracy at the sub-percent level. Besides its coupling behaviour, which conforms so far with the prediction of the Standard Model, the measured Higgs mass value can place strong constraints on extensions of the Standard Model, in particular supersymmetric ones. To fully exploit this experimental accuracy, a very precise prediction of the mass of the Standard Model-like Higgs boson in the respective model is required.

In this talk, I will comment on different methods to calculate the mass and present some recent developments in the effort of improving the predictions within supersymmetric extensions of the Standard Model. In particular, I will consider scenarios with heavy supersymmetric partner particles but relatively light Higgs bosons with and without CP-violation.

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First author Heidi Rzehak

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Heidi Rzehak (University of Tübingen)

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