26-30 July 2021
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Towards an inclusive society by making Astronomy accessible to the blind

30 Jul 2021, 09:30


Parallel session talk Outreach, Education and Diversity T14: Outreach, Education and Diversity


Ludovic Petitdemange


At Guezet the sky is perfectly dark. That’s the type of sky the astronomers like to work with at night. Therefore, such conditions are better at Guzet than at the Pic du Midi where observers have to climb steep montains. Every summer, on the Col d'Escot, at an altitude of 1700 meters and from Chalet Beauregard, Astronomers are used to coming there to take advantage of this exceptional place for observation.

This incredible project was born in 2016, Jacques Croiziers, President of the association, followed by six members, have realized that Astronomy should be accessible to all. Indeed, the sky does not belong to a certain category of people. Their primary motivation was to offer an observatory accessible to all people with disabilities and especially the visually impaired people. It is important to show that Science can be accessible. However, the cost is impressive 700 000 euros and requires the contributions of partners including local and national institutions and organisations for the development of the economical region, scientific laboratories with Researchers from different topics. In short, the project supported by Ciel d'Occitanie will allow to join our efforts. The relevant materials suitable for disable people will be identified. In addition, new methods and materials will be developed by the large collaborations allowed by this project. Thank to this observatory, a french group will be able to interact with international projects on the accessibility of Astronomy.

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