Jul 26 – 30, 2021
Europe/Berlin timezone

creative approach to engage on scientific topics – Cultural Collisions Online

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Poster Outreach, Education and Diversity T14: Outreach, Education and Diversity


Dr Michael Hoch (FSU Florida State University US)


We present the results of a first cycle of the unique Cultural Collisions programme run entirely online over one school year 2020/2021 in the South East Europe region. Cultural Collisions is a novel cross-disciplinary science engagement, networking and education programme designed to stimulate the interest of high school students in science by introducing the methods and concepts of art and creativity into their standard science studies. It is based on a unique collaboration of international, national and local partners (scientists, artists and educators), using modern communication tools which in particular facilitate the participation of in city base or rural communities. It provides access to and is supported by science centres and museums through workshops and exhibitions. Cultural Collisions Bosnia and Herzegovina has brought together 11 working groups in 6 different Bosnian cities and has been run entirely online. During a whole school year, a total of 130 students participated in workshops and 556 in complementary events, including virtual visits and public lectures. They were supported by a unique collaboration of their teachers, local artists, local and international scientists, and demonstrated strong interest and enthusiastic engagement. Their commitment and efforts have resulted in an enhancement of their skills, an improved understanding of big science questions, scientific methodology, and an enhanced ability to discover creative solutions to complex problems. Furthermore, the programme demonstrates that the creative approach to engage on scientific topics encourages an increase in the participation of girls. The program is organized by ORIGIN/CMS following the Cultural Collisions methodology of previous successfully disseminated programs in Canada, Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

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Primary authors

Dr Jadranko Batista (1University of Mostar, Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina) Dr Azra Gazibegović-Busuladžić (University of Sarajevo, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina) Dr Mirza Hadzimehmedovic (University of Tuzla, Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina) Dr Michael Hoch (FSU Florida State University US) Dr Ivica Puljak (University of Split, Split, Croatia) Dr Nemanja Rakić (University of Banja Luka, Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina )

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