January 1, 2025 to February 28, 2025
Europe/Berlin timezone

Call for Abstracts

Abstract submission instructions

  • Mandatory fields are marked with *.
  • If you have filled out all mandatory fields you will be able to submit your abstract.
  • "Title" and the abstract field "Content" can be in free from text.
  • To make it findable and searchable choose a meaningful title for your interest and use keywords you consider relevant for others to find your entry. 
  • Note that the "Title" and the abstract field "Content" are the only fields shown in the exported PDF of the Timetable.
  • The answers to the questions during the "Call for Abstracts" process can be accessed, if a person's entry is directly selected and viewed.

Why does my abstract not show up in the Timetable?

  • If you have just submitted your abstract, the managers will review your contribution as soon as possible during the following work days.
  • After the process of accepting the submitted abstract and placing your contribution in the Timetable you and other researcher will have public access to your contribution.

Why does my name show in the contribution in the Timetable, but not any further text?

  • During the Call for Abstracts the selection of a Speaker is required, which will lead to your name shown in the Timetable.
  • We use Indico and its very useful features. However, not all desirable features for the information exchange are available. For example, the answered questions attached to the "Title" and abstract field "Content" do not show in the PDF export.
  • Please copy the questions and answers to the abstract field "Content" during the "Call for Abstracts", so that these entries are also available for the PDF export.

How can I withdraw my abstract?

If you are logged-in with your indico account select "Call for Abstracts". Then select under "My abstracts" an abstract and select the button "Withdraw".