January 1, 2025 to February 28, 2025
Europe/Berlin timezone


What is ErUM?

Details on the framework programme ErUM (Research on Universe and Matter) can be found at Erforschung von Universum und Materie – das Rahmenprogramm ErUM - BMBF.

Who is the ErUM-Data Community?

Researchers of the community have met on 18-19 January 2021 during the Action Plan ErUM-Data Community Meeting to explore and foster cooperation in joint research projects and to benefit from synergies.

What is the purpose of this indico-site?

The BMBF has published the action plan "Aktionsplan ErUM-Data" - from Big Data to Smart Data in November 2020. The aim of the action plan is to exploit the full potential of digital solutions in fundamental research to ensure excellent research in the future and to meet our social challenges at the same time. The action plan is scheduled to last until the year 2030.

To this end, the action plan defines measures in the three overarching thematic fields of

  • "Research Data Management",
  • "Federated Digital Infrastructures" and
  • "Software and Algorithms".

The researchers contributing to this site plan to work together on an interdisciplinary basis, i.e. from different areas of ErUM and from different disciplines, such as physics, mathematics, computer science and data science.

The first focus area is expected to be "Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning". The site shall facilitate partnerships for this area and future focus areas. 

Who is maintaining this site?

At present this site is an initiative of the writing team to propose an ErUM-Data-Hub, which can support the community. The persons in the writing team were selected by the different ErUM commitees and support this indico site on a voluntary basis to foster communication within the community. As it is on voluntary basis we will strive for speedy replies, but also ask the community for patience, if things take longer than expected.