Jun 22 – 23, 2022
Lund University
Europe/Berlin timezone
In recent years, people have come to the conclusion that excellence in science and technology can be stimulated by integrating sex and gender analysis into research.

Indeed, in sciences that are directly linked to research on human beings or study objects that have a sex (e.g. Biology, Medicine), as well as fields that affect society or human beings directly (e.g. Climatology or City planning) this has been proven by many examples. One excellent entry point into this subject is provided by the Gendered Innovations portal (http://genderedinnovations.stanford.edu).

However, in wide areas of physics and other math-intensive research this is not the case, there is currently no accepted idea of how a diversity and gender perspective can be utilised. Resistance to incorporating a gendered perspective is often formulated in a form of the Haraway “God trick” argument, referring to, for example, physics as only what is observed, planets and particles do not have sex or gender, or mathematics is only what is calculated: numbers, figures and formulas again do not have sex or gender.

This conference is organized in the frame of the GENERA Network and shall define a starting point in tackling this major challenge and help defining a convincing approach to get into the mindset that a diversity and gender perspective must be present in these fields of science since teaching, defining research topics, performing research and its application are (wo)man-made.

Lund University Campus

Lund University
Wrangel Biskopsgatan 5 Lund, Sweden
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The conference will be organized as a hybrid event at the Lund University with the possibility to virtually attend. If an on campus meeting at Lund University will not be possible, then the conference will be exclusively virtual.

The Call for Abstract is currently disabled. As soon as we better understand the possibility of an on campus meeting in October we will reopen the Call for Abstracts and provide further details.

Registration for this event is currently open.