Jun 21 – 23, 2022
Lund University
Europe/Berlin timezone


Regular international hotel booking sites offer a variety of hotels in Lund (e.g. booking.com).

Lund has its own site - visitlund.se - where you can find accomodation here: https://visitlund.se/en/accomodation-and-travel

But below you find some links to hotels in the center of Lund, that we can recommend:

Central location

Fancy and traditional: 
Grand Hotel: https://www.grandilund.se/en/home.html

Nice and cosy: 
Concordia: https://www.concordia.se/en.aspx
Bishop's arms: https://www.elite.se/en/hotels/lund/hotel-bishops-arms/#rooms
Hotel Nordic Lund: http://nordiclund.se/en/
Hotel Oskar: https://www.hotelloskar.se/en
Lilla Hotellet: https://lillahotellet.com/
Magle's Smiley Inn: http://smileyinn.se/

Hotell Lundia: https://www.lundia.se/sv/default.html

Winstrup Hostels: https://www.winstruphostel.se/en-GB

A bit further away - west side of railroad and 15 min walk from Campus (!)

Millas Villa: https://www.millasvilla.se/en