1-3 December 2010
Internationales Congress Center Dresden
Europe/Berlin timezone


How to get there by public transport:
Arrival Hauptbahnhof Dresden (Main Railway Station Dresden)

Take the S-Bahn in the direction of Meissen-Triebischtal for one stationand get off at railway station "Dresden Mitte".Get out of the S-Bahn and walk in the direction the S-Bahn was going onKönneritzstrasse towards the bridge. Turn right into Devrientstrassebefore the Marienbrücke Bridge and turn left at the first fork in the road at Ostra Ufer.


Get on tram number 11 (direction Bühlau) at the railway station and go sixstops and get off at "Haus der Presse"After getting off, walk in the direction the tram is travelling until you get toan intersection. Turn right on Könneritzstrasse.Turn right at Devrientstrasse just before the Marienbrücke Bridge, turn leftat the first fork in the road at Ostra Ufer.Arrival Bahnhof Dresden Neustadt ( Railway Station DresdenNeustadt)Get on tram number 6 (direction Gorbitz) for two stations and get off at"Maxstrasse"


get on tram number 11 (direction Zschertnitz) and go two stopsto "Haus der Presse".After crossing the Marienbrücke Bridge the Congress Center will be visibleto the left.Take Könneritzstrasse towards the Marienbrücke Bridge, turn right ontoDevrientstrasse, turn left on the first fork in the road to Ostra Ufer.


Link to local transport schedules (buses, trams, regional trains):


How to get there by plane:

Arrival at the Dresden Klotzsche Airport

Take the S-Bahn (found in the lower level of the terminal) to the railwaystation "Dresden Neustadt "Tram Line number 6, direction Gorbitz, two stations to "Maxstrasse" station


Tram line 11, direction Zschertnitz, two stations to the "Haus der Presse"stationThe Congress Center is visible to the left after driving over theMarienbrücke Bridge.Walk down Könneritzstrasse in the direction of Marienbrücke Bridge, turnright onto Devrientstrasse, the first left turn onto Ostra Ufer.

Link to Dresden airport:


How to get there by car:
Exit at Dresden Altstadt

(when coming from the direction of Frankfurt)

  • Exit the motorway at Dresden Altstadt to the city centre (Richtung Zentrum) on the B6 Meissen Landstrasse (Country Road).
  • It turns into Hamburger Strasse, which becomes the Schäferstrasse.
  • At the intersection of Weisseritzstrasse before the railway underpass, turn left onto the Weisseritzstrasse.
  • At the signpost directions Innenstadt (to the city centre) (possibly Congress Center) turn right on to Ostra Ufer.
  • Pass through the railway bridge and the Marienbrücke Bridge.
  • The International Congress Center of Dresden will then be visible on the left.
Exit at Dresden Neustadt

(coming from the direction of Berlin/Bautzen)

  • Exit the motorway at Dresden-Nord to the city centre (Richtung Zentrum) onto Radeberger Strasse (E55)
  • Drive down Radeberger Strasse, it becomes Hansastrasse.
  • After passing through the railway bridge, right on Antonstrasse, continue over Marienbrücke Bridge.
  • After going over the Marienbrücke Bridge, the Congress Center is visible on the left.
  • Turn right on Weisseritzstrasse at the first fork in the road after the bridge (pass under the railway bridge).
  • At the next intersection turn right on to Ostra Ufer.
  • Drive through the railway bridge and the Marienbrücke Bridge.
  • The Congress Center is then visible on the left.
  • Parking facilities in the Congress Center underground parking garage

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