Welcome to the 14th Annual Helmholtz Alliance Workshop on "Physics at the Terascale"! As in the past 14 years, the workshop will offer a rich programme of stimulating plenary talks and parallel sessions full of intense discussion on topics connected to the LHC, linear colliders, and Belle.

This meeting will be held in hybrid mode: the plenary sessions will take place in the DESY Auditorium (with the option to join via Zoom), while the parallel sessions will be online only. Therefore, we recommend only participants located in Hamburg to join the workshop in person.

The following parallel sessions will be held:

  • Higgs physics (session conveners: Danyer Perez Adnan, Dominik Duda, Felix Yu)
  • Searches (session conveners: Soham Bhattacharya,  Federio Meloni, Afiq Anuar, Katharina Behr, Thorsten Ohl)
  • Top physics (session conveners: Mahsana Haleem, Alessia Saggio, Maria Vittoria Garzelli)
  • Flavor physics (session conveners: Christoph Langenbruch, Markus Röhrken, Danny van Dyk)
  • Standard Model physics (session conveners: Simone Amoroso, Joany Manjarrés Ramos, Sven-Olaf Moch)
  • Computing and Machine Learning (session conveners: Artur Gottmann, Johannes Lange, Gilson Correia Silva, Engin Eren)

Please contact the corresponding session convener if you would like to give a presentation in one of the parallel sessions.

Registration for this event is currently open.