1-2 November 2021
Europe/Berlin timezone

DESY established its own research division Astroparticle Physics since 1 January 2019 with Christian Stegmann as director of this division. DESY thus acknowledges the development of astroparticle physics in recent years and places astroparticle physics at DESY on the same level as particle physics, photon science and accelerator research. Each of the research areas at DESY is advised by an international committee of scientists. In the case of astroparticle physics, the committee is the Astroparticle Physics Committee (APC). The APC gives advice to the DESY directorate on all matters related to the astroparticle physics division at DESY.

The 6th APC meeting will take place on 1st and 2nd of November 2021 remote, partly together with the Particle Physics Review Committee (PRC).

APC+PRC open session https://desy.zoom.us/j/97472148031- code: 691279 APC+PRC closed session https://desy.zoom.us/j/97294018059 - code: 399588 APC closed session https://desy.zoom.us/j/95480855040