Computer Algebra and Particle Physics 2007

SR2 (DESY, Zeuthen)


DESY, Zeuthen

DESY, Zeuthen Platanenallee 6 15738 Zeuthen Germany
P. Wegner (DESY) , S. Moch, T. Riemann
During the last years, computer algebra methods have been used widely throughout elementary particle physics. Applications of modern computer algebra are an essential and established calculational tool and, at the same time, methods and algorithms of computer algebra have become an important area of research itself. The CAPP school combines theory and practice in advanced environment. It provides education and training of about 30 students and young researchers at graduate and Ph.D. level on central topics at the interface of modern computer algebra and particle physics. The courses include exercises and practical training with software and programs, the hands-on part being a central component of the school.
  • Agnieszka Wapienik
  • Aleksander Kusina
  • Alexander Hentschel
  • Andreas Maier
  • Andreas Rodigast
  • Christian Bogner
  • Claude Duhr
  • Harald Richard Haakh
  • Juergen Schiefele
  • Karl Waninger
  • Kouhei Hasegawa
  • Krzysztof Kajda
  • Magdalena Slawinska
  • Marco Schreck
  • Mariusz Puchalski
  • Markus Bernhardt
  • Martin Hentschinski
  • Mathias Butenschoen
  • Max Dohse
  • Michael Wick
  • Ngo Thanh Hai
  • Paolo Bolzoni
  • Rikkert Frederix
  • Sebastian Grab
  • Selma Uhlig
  • Szymon Szczypiński
  • Theodoros Diakonidis
  • Tobias Kasprzik
  • Ulrich Langenfeld