11-15 June 2018
TU Dresden
Europe/Berlin timezone

Past conference

Past conference

The last conference of this series was held at the Max-Planck-Haus in Heidelberg (Germany) from April 8 to 11 1997. It brought together over 80 physicist, astrophysicist, astronomers and chemist including two Nobel prize winners as well as many other renowed experts of their field. This last conference was organized by W. Hampel and the international program committee included J. N. Bahcall (Princeton), E. Bellotti (Milano), V. Berezinsky (Gran Sasso), R. Davis Jr. (Philadelphia), W. Hampel (Heidelberg), T. Kirsten (Heidelberg), A. Yu. Smirnov (Trieste), Y. Totsuka (Tokyo) and G. T. Zatsepin (Moscow).

Contributions can be found here.

Previous conferences of this series took place at the University of Californa (1972), Brookhaven National Laboratory (1978), Homestake Mine in Lead (1984) and in Heidelberg (1997).

The 5th international solar neutrino conference will take place in Dresden after a pause of 20 years and continue the tradition of these conferences. 2018 marks also the 50th anniversary of the first historic Homestake results which is widely known as the experimental starting point of solar neutrino physics.

(Photo credit ENERGY.GOV - HD.6D.653, Gemeinfrei, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=35933045)
Homestake Experiment