APPEC Technology Forum 2018

Tuinzaal (Veldhoven)



NH Conference Centre Konigshof Locht 117 5504 RM Veldhoven The Netherlands

NEW: updated brochure with conclusions and perspectives as summary available

The Astroparticle Physics European Consortium APPEC invites technology experts from industry and academia to the APPEC Technology Forum 2018 (ATF 2018).
As 6th event of a successful series of appointments in the past years, in part organized by the precursor ASPERA, the ATF 2018 will provide the frame for discussions among all the stakeholders fostering new R&D activities, improving existing technology and supporting current and emerging intra- and extra-field collaborations.
With the intention of laying the foundations for future cooperations involving industry and academia, the ATF 2018 will concentrate on the development of holders and positioning systems for high-stability setups, where vibrations can be detected with special sensors and then suppressed, extending to other forms of active and passive stabilization needed in many scientific exepriments. This technology can have a wide application, e.
g. where mirrors, magnets and detectors have to be precisely positioned, or temperature and pressure have to be accurately stabilized.
The fields of application are also numerous, ranging from astroparticle, particle and detector physics to geology, quantum mechanics and many other disciplines. The potential for innovative applications is large and we are convinced there will be the opportunity for an effective exchange of ideas and experiences among the participants. 

To offer further opportunities of information and collaboration, the ATF 2018 is taking place at the same location and right before the Precision Fair 2018 . The fair is focused on development and production of high-tech components, modules and systems, aimed at meeting the ever increasing demands on shape, size and accuracy of fast precision positioning. Furthermore, during the first day of the fair two sessions will be dedicated to the achievements and future demands of precision technology in Big Science Projects.  

We wish to our participants a fruitful meeting in Veldhoven and consequent successful collaborations.

  • Monday, November 12
    • Welcome/Registration
    • Welcome talks
    • Precision for general relativity and photon science
      • 1
        Nanometer level precise optics for new x-ray light sources: metrology and installation challenges
        Speaker: Maurizio Vannoni
      • 2
        Engineering challenges for the Photon Beam Transport at European XFEL
        Speaker: Daniele La Civita
      • 3
        GINGER and GINGERINO experiment community - General Relativity experiment
        Speaker: Angela Di Virgilio
    • Seismic isolation for particle physics
      • 4
        Production of tiled large area dielectric discs and precise disc positioning for the MAgnetized Disc and Mirror Axion eXperiment
        Speaker: Christoph Krieger
      • 5
        ALPS II: Seismic environment and control strategy
        Speakers: Dominik Miller, Jan Hendrik Põld
      • 6
        CERN/JINR Collaboration – high precision seismic measurements
        Speaker: Beniamino Di Girolamo
    • Coffee break
    • Seismic isolation for gravitational-wave detection & more
      • 7
        Development of an active seismic isolation stage for high precision active isolation project
        Speaker: Christophe Collette
      • 8
        Seismic noise filtering: The Advanced VIRGO Superattenuator
        Speaker: Franco Frasconi
      • 9
        Ultrasensitive MEMS gravimeters
        Speaker: Giles Hammond
      • 10
        Dynamic wave tracking for physics and applications
        Speaker: Edward Daw
    • Dinner
  • Tuesday, November 13
    • Stabilization systems for KATRIN experiment
      • 11
        Gas injection system for ultra-stable pressure and composition at the KATRIN source
        Speaker: Magnus Schlösser
      • 12
        Temperature calibration and stabilisation in strong magnetic fields on the mK Level
        Speaker: Alexander Jansen
      • 13
        Precision Stabilization of the 18.6kV Retardation Voltage in the KATRIN Electrostatic Spectrometer
        Speaker: Sascha Wüstling
      • 14
        Long-term stabilization and voltage reference at KATRIN
        Speaker: Oliver Rest
    • Coffee break
    • Open Discussion Session of Challenges
    • Lunch break
    • Companies I
      • 15
        SmarAct GmbH - Compensation of Dynamic Mechanical Tolerances of a SmarPod 6-Axis Parallel Kinematics by Using a PicoScale Based Interferometric Position Control
        Speaker: Marcel Abheiden
      • 16
        Innoseis - From ripples in space-time to innovation in seismic imaging
        Speaker: Mark Becker
      • 17
        Janssen Precision Engineering - Development of Instrumentation for Pioneering Research
        Speaker: Bart Van Bree
    • Coffee break
    • Companies II
      • 18
        FMB Oxford Limited - Engineering science for a brighter tomorrow
        Speaker: Elliot Jane
      • 19
        VDL Enabling Technologies Group - Thermal control along the Product Life Cycle
        Speaker: Paul Blom
    • Conclusions