Jun 9 – 10, 2022
Europe/Berlin timezone


APPEC Town Meeting Berlin
9–10 June 2022

The Astroparticle Physics European Consortium invites you to a town meeting to discuss the status of implementation of the European Astroparticle Physics Strategy 2017-2026.

What is the status of the implementation process with respect to the international context? What are the new developments in Astroparticle Physics and neighbouring fields that could lead to further evolution of the strategic recommendations?

These will be the leading questions for the APPEC Town Meeting which will influence the future of Astroparticle Physics in Europe.

Until January 2022 a community feedback process is ongoing which will be used as input for the discussions and topics of the Town Meeting. 

Thus, the agenda will follow in April. We plan to have the event as face to face event, but decide finally in the beginning of March. Final information regarding the regulations will follow with the agenda.

Interactive methods will ensure a broad impact of the community to shaping the future of Astroparticle Physics.

Please join us for the celebration of Astroparticle Physics in Europe!

The meeting will take place at Brewdog/ Dogtap Berlin, im Marienpark 23, 12107 Berlin.





Organizing Committee:

Andreas Haungs, KIT
Katharina Henjes-Kunst, DESY
Sijbrand de Jong, RU
Job de Kleuver, NWO
Katrin Link, KIT, outreach
Julia Eckert, DESY, local
Christian Stegmann, DESY

Joint Secretariat:

Katharina Henjes-Kunst (General Secretary), DESY
Julie Epas, APC
Andreas Haungs, KIT
Aldo Ianni, INFN
Stavros Katsanevas, EGO
Job de Kleuver, NWO
Antoine Kouchner, APC
Sylvie Leray, CEA
Katrin Link, KIT
Marco Pallavicini, INFN
Carlos Peña, LSC
Christian Stegmann, DESY

Scientific Advisory Committee:

Sijbrand de Jong (Chair)
Silvia Pascoli (vice chair)
Laura Baudis
Marica Branchesi
Paula Chadwick
Karsten Danzmann
Chad Finley
Ken Ganga
Maarten de Jong
Ofer Lahav
Manfred Lindner
Sotiris Loucatos
Jocelyn Monroe
Marco Pallavicini
Sergey Troitsky
Licia Verde
Christian Weinheimer

General Assembly:

Andreas Haungs (GA Chair), KIT
Antoine Kouchner (GA Deputy Chair), APC
Catherine De Clercq, FWO
Laurent Favart, FNRS
Ivan Stekl, IEAP-CTU
Katri Huitu, HIP
Anne-Isabelle Etienvre, CEA
Berrie Giebels, CNRS IN2P3
Christian Stegmann, DESY
Uli Katz, KAT
Christos Markou, NCSR Demokritos
Peter Forgacs, MTA
Antonio Zoccoli, INFN
Stan Bentvelsen, Nikhef
Job de Kleuver, NWO-I
Leszek Roszkowski, CAMK
Mario Pimenta, LIP
Alexandra Saftoiu, IFIN-HH
Nicolae Marius Marginean, IFIN-HH
Victor Matveev, JINR
Maria Garcia Borge, CSIC
Antonio Bueno, University of Granada
Matthias Marklund, VR
Xin Wu, SNF
Thomas Werder, SNSF
Jenny Hiscock/Graham Blair, STFC





Organizing Institute:

Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron DESY