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Poster sessions - List of posters

The virtual poster session will take place on Wednesday, 27 January and Thursday, 28 January 2021.

Each postersession is divided into 3 subsessions. 

Poster session 1.1: Poster 1 - 61
Poster session 1.2: Poster 62 - 124
Poster session 1.3: Poster 125 - 184 & 198

Poster session 2.1: Poster 185 - 245
Poster session 2.2: Poster 246 - 307
Poster session 2.3: Poster 308 - 368

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The link to the sessions will be provided to registered participants via e-mail just before the meeting.

List of all posters   (PDF )


Poster No. Title Submitting author
1 MS-SPIDOC: Native mass spectrometry for single particle imaging Kierspel, Thomas
2 3D printed microfluidic mixers and nozzles for structural biology Knoska, Juraj
3 The SCS instrument optical laser delivery Mercadier, Laurent
4 Characterization of µm-focused FEL beam and MHz positional jitter at the SCS Instrument Mercurio, Giuseppe
5 Ultrafast dynamics in electronic band structure of optically excited epitaxial FeRh: X-ray absorption spectroscopy and density functional theory approach Agarwal, Naman
6 Characterizing the structural landscape of a nanoparticle ensemble using single particle diffractive imaging Zhuang, Yulong
7 Femto-second holographic X-ray imaging with single FEL pulses Hagemann, Johannes
8 2D Structure Determination via Fluctuation X-ray Scattering Berberich, Tim
9 µ-second equilibrium and non-equilibrium dynamics probed at the European XFEL Dallari, Francesco
10 XFEL-Induced Synthesis of ε-Iron Nitride at High Pressures Lee, Yongjae
11 The Unified Sample Workflow at the EuXFEL Deiter, Carsten
12 High spatial coherence and short pulse duration revealed by the Hanbury Brown and Twiss interferometry at the European XFEL Khubbutdinov, Ruslan
13 A Rapid Scanning Stage for the Instruments of the EuXFEL Deiter, Carsten
14 Simulations of Phonon Modes in Laser-Plasma Compressed Solids Karnbach, Oliver
15 Characterization of a laser-irradiated dense-plasma surface using a grazing-incidence X-ray scattering Banjafar, Mohammadreza
16 Reference-enhanced SPI with applications towards heterogeneity Mall, Abhishek
17 Monochromatic operation of the SASE3 beamline at European XFEL Gerasimova, Natalia
18 Pump-probe TR-SFX for Structural Dynamic Studies of Flexible Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs) at the European XFEL Martin-Garcia, Jose M
19 Observation of fluctuation-mediated picosecond nucleation of a topological phase Pfau, Bastian
20 MooNpics -- A European wide metrology round-robin test Schmidtchen, Silja
21 F(ixed)GIPD - the only way of using AGIPD? Yefanov, Oleksandr
22 Surface dynamics of solids upon high intensity laser irradiation investigated by grazing-incidence x-ray scattering Randolph, Lisa
23 Optical Laser Capabilities and Applications at SPB/SFX Koliyadu, Jayanath
24 Reconstruction of 3D information from limited set of projections Bernát, Ondrej
25 The Effect of Intensity Fluctuations on Sequential X-ray Photon Correlation Spectroscopy at the X-ray Free Electron Laser Facilities Cao, Yue
26 Decreased Sample Consumption for Serial Femtosecond Crystallography with Electronically Induced Segmented Flow Injection Doppler, Diandra
27 Liquid Jet Standardization and Characterization at European XFEL Valerio, Joana
28 Time-resolved pump-probe experiments using the Pulsed Magnetic (PUMA) Field Setup at the MID Instrument Kazarian, Karina
29 Optically driven control of 4f-spin and orbital state transitions in rare-earth metals Thielemann-Kühn, Nele
30 Exploring stochastic XFEL pulses to study nonlinear X-ray processes Szlachetko, Jakub
31 X-ray holography of laser-induced cavitation bubbles and shock waves with single FEL pulses Hoeppe, Hannes Paul
32 CNN-based classification of diffraction patterns in Single Particle Imaging experiments Ignatenko, Alexandr
33 Ultrafast probing of the atomic structure of supercooled liquid metals Antonowicz, Jerzy
34 SARS-CoV-2 Virion Samples for Single Particle Imaging at the European XFEL Kozlovskaya, Liubov
35 The SQS Scientific Instrument at the European XFEL: status and first results Mazza, Tommaso
36 Ultrafast soft X-ray absorption spectroscopy with shot-noise limited Beam-splitting off-axis zone plate scheme Le Guyader, Loïc
37 SARS-CoV-2 Virion Samples for Single Particle Imaging at the European XFEL Egorov, Alexey
38 Femtosecond bond breaking and charge dynamics in ultracharged peptides Eliah Dawod, Ibrahim
39 Comissioning of the LPD Detector at the FXE Instrument Wheater, Rhian Mair
40 Programmable DNA-Origami Molecular Scaffolds for Holographic Single-Particle Imaging Xavier, P Lourdu
41 Femtosecond 3D Diffractive Imaging of Anisotropic Gold Nanoparticles with Soft X-ray Pulses at the EuXFEL Xavier, P Lourdu
42 Coherent Phonon Exitations in FePt Nanoparticles Turenne, Diego
43 Coherent Correlation Imaging: High-resolution imaging of stochastic dynamics Klose, Christopher
44 Sample Environment for High Magnetic Field and Low Temperature at the MID Instrument Moore, James
45 Towards Direct Measurements of Temperature and Transport Properties in Warm Dense Matter: meV-IXS from single crystal diamond Descamps, Adrien
46 Beam conditioning X-ray optical components at the MID instrument of EuXFEL Zozulya, Alexey
47 The Femtosecond X-ray Experiments (FXE) Instrument of the European XFEL Zalden, Peter
48 Imaging Highly Charged Superfluid Helium Nanodroplets Feinberg, Alexandra
49 Machine Learning Powered by Principal Component Descriptors as the Key for Sorted Structural Fit of XANES Guda, Alexander
50 Understanding X-ray Absorption Spectra by Means of Descriptors and Machine Learning Algorithms Guda, Alexander
51 Timing and X-ray pulse characterization at the Small Quantum Systems instrument of the European XFEL Grychtol, Patrik
52 Tracking equilibrium protein dynamics in solution using MHz X-ray Photon Correlation Spectroscopy Reiser, Mario
53 High-purity x-ray polarimetry for precision tests of fundamental physics Schulze, Kai Sven
54 A hard X-Ray Split-and-Delay Unit for the HED Instrument at the European XFEL Eckermann, Dennis
55 New AGIPD Detectors and Developments for the European XFEL Laurus, Torsten
56 Spatial incoherent diffraction via x-ray fluorescence Trost, Fabian
57 WavemiX: the international network for Nonlinear X-ray spectroscopies Svetina, Cristian
58 FEM heat load simulations of a cryo-cooled diamond channel cut monochromator for operation at the EuXFEL Tasca, Kelin
59 Time-resolved spectroscopy at the SQS instrument: recent results Rivas, Daniel E.
60 The two-color pump/probe setup at the European XFEL: first results Rivas, Daniel E.
61 Karabo for Remote User Operation Flucke, Gero
62 Studying dissociation dynamics of the diamondoid adamantane using XUV-pump-XUV-probe femtosecond pulses Peschel, Jasper
63 Adaptive automatic differentiation based ptychography at FLASH Kharitonov, Konstantin
64 Momentum microscopy of non-equilibrium energy flow in ferromagnetic nickel Shokeen, Vishal
65 Laboratory based time- and momentum-resolved photoemission experiments using time-of-flight momentum microscopy with HHG source Heber, Michael
66 Suppression of the vacuum space-charge effect in fs-photoemission by a retarding electrostatic front lens Wind, Nils Oliver
67 Direct observation of charge separation in an organic light harvesting system by femtosecond time-resolved XPS Roth, Friedrich
68 EUV highly-focusing optics characterisation Mehrjoo, Masoud
69 CAMP@FLASH - An End-Station for Imaging and Electron and Ion-Spectroscopy and Pump-Probe Experiments Erk, Benjamin
70 Probing structure and magnetic ultrafast dynamic profiles by time resolved X-ray Resonant Magnetic Reflectivity Chardonnet, Valentin
71 I0 monitor for x-ray free-electron laser pulses in the nJ regime Palutke, Steffen
72 Role of resonances in ion yield creation of xenon excited by intense soft x-ray pulses Palutke, Steffen
73 Development of a differential pumping station with high pressure gradient for FLASH 2020+ Degenhardt, Markus
74 TRIXS -- The end station for time-resolved resonant inelastic soft X-ray scattering experiments at the free-electron laser FLASH Dziarzhytski, Siarhei
75 Molecular imaging with TimePix3 Bromberger, Hubertus
76 A novel synchronized HHG source for VUV-XUV pump-probe studies at FLASH2 Papadopoulou, Christina
77 Endstation for time-resolved x-ray photoemission spectroscopy at FELs Wenthaus, Lukas
78 An open-source and end-to-end workflow for multidimensional photoemission spectroscopy Kutnyakhov, Dmytro
79 FLASH2020+: THz beamline upgrade Pan, Rui
80 An XUV and soft x-ray split-and-delay unit for FLASH2 Dreimann, Matthias
81 Temporal characterization of SASE XUV FEL pulses at FLASH Ivanov, Rosen
82 Soft X-ray Absorption Near-Edge Spectroscopy using Split-Beam Normalization at FLASH Engel, Robin Yoel
83 FLASH2020+: Features of a new endstation at THz beamline Gang, Seung-gi
84 Observation of a highly conductive warm dense state of water with ultrafast pump-probe free-electron-laser measurements Chen, Zhijiang
85 Numerical experiments using neural network algorithms to determine 3D - protein structures from the data of X-ray laser radiation diffraction from single particles Kudryavtsev, Aleksandr
86 SARS-CoV-2 Virion Samples for Single Particle Imaging at the European XFEL Sokolova, Olga
87 Three-dimensional coherent X-ray imaging of twinned domains in CsPbBr3 perovskite nanoparticles Dzhigaev, Dmitry
88 Probing the UV-induced photochemistry of the L-Cysteine disulfide in aqueous solution via femtosecond X-ray absorption spectroscopy Harich, Jessica
89 Isochoric melting with a free-electron laser studied via molecular dynamics simulations D'souza, Aaron
90 Analyzing XAS spectra of Ru complexes using machine learning approaches Kozyr, Elizaveta
91 Contrast and noise in incoherent diffraction imaging Lohse, Leon Merten
92 Kinetics of water crystallization in the monoolein/hemoglobin system according to X-ray diffraction data Baranova, Iuliia
93 Hanbury Brown and Twiss interferometry at PAL-XFEL Kim, Young Yong
94 First PERCIVAL user experiments at P04 and FLASH Correa, Jonathan
95 PaNOSC Data Analysis and Visualisation Services Brockhauser, Sandor
96 Coherent control in H2 molecules with VUV FEL pulses at FERMI Dowek, Danielle
97 Effect of Sc admixing on the scintillation properties of in Lu3(Al,Ga)5O12:Pr Single Crystals Bartosiewicz, Karol
98 Numerical experiments using neural network algorithms to determine 3D - protein structures from the data of X-ray laser radiation diffraction from single particles Kirpichnikov, Mikhail
99 Imaging ultrafast dynamical diffraction wavefronts in strained Si with coherent X-rays Rodriguez-Fernandez, Angel
100 Ordering and Crystallization in Trisilanolcyclohexyl Polyhedral Silsesquioxane Induced by Lateral Compression at the Air-Water Interface Panday, Utsav
101 Commissioning of a compact X-ray emission spectrometer for the AXSIS facility.~Application for manganese-based catalysis. Mazalova, Victoria
102 Structure and Morphology driven Significant difference in Magnetic Behaviour of Nanoparticles and Nanofibers of o-h LuFeO3 Chaturvedi, Smita
103 Avoiding glitches in x-ray spectrum caused by single-crystal optical elements Klimova, Nataliya
104 The new CrystFEL Graphical User Interface White, Thomas
105 Development of a 6-Axis Sample Manipulator in Cryogenic Application Liu, Fang
106 DESY computing infrastructure and platform as a service for EOSC and PaNOSC and ExPaNDS Schuh, Michael
107 Optimized nanoparticle injectors for single-particle diffractive imaging experiments Worbs, Lena
108 Imaging electron dynamics with attosecond x-ray pulses.~Theory perspective Gorelova, Daria
109 Design of a proof-of-principle experiment on THz SASE FEL at PITZ Li, Xiangkun
110 Control of (bio-) nanoparticles with external fields Lübke, Jannik
111 Few-cycle OPCPA at 2 µm with up to 100 W average power Hofmann, Luisa
112 Flat field soft X-ray spectrometer on spherical reflection zone plates Erko, Alexei
113 An advanced workflow for the single particle imaging with the limited data at an X-ray free-electron laser Assalauova, Dameli
114 The DESY NanoLab Keller, Thomas
115 Coherent Control in H2 molecules with VUV FEL pulses at FERMI Holzmeier, Fabian
116 Understanding conformational dynamics from macromolecular crystal diffuse scattering Mazumder, Parichita
117 CMWS - Centre for Molecular Water Science Goy, Claudia
118 ExPaNDS - The Benefits of Open Data Roarty, Kat
119 First lessons learned from the Pandemic \& Triggered prospective actions Smekhova, Alevtina
120 Corrosion investigation of Inconel 713C superalloy in helium environment Duchna, Monika
121 Luminescent properties of Lu2O3:Tb nanopowders under synchrotron radiation excitation Zorenko, Tetiana
122 Luminescent properties of R2SiO5 (R= Y and Lu) single crystalline films under synchrotron radiation excitation Gorbenko, Vitalii
123 Multiple sequential ionization of outer shells of krypton by intense femtosecond XUV pulses Kiselev, Maksim
124 Observation of shock-induced protein crystal damage during MHz serial femtosecond crystallography Stan, Claudiu
125 In-situ Investigation of Sputter Deposition Electrodes on Different Layers of Non-Fullerene Organic Solar Cell Jiang, Xinyu
126 Numerical experiments using neural network algorithms to determine 3D - protein structures from the data of X-ray laser radiation diffraction from single particles Shaitan, Konstantin
127 ExPaNDS - Understanding more about our Project Roarty, Kat
128 Nanoscale transient magnetization gratings created and probed by femtosecond extreme ultraviolet pulses Ksenzov, Dmitriy
129 Spatial-frequency features of the radiation produced by a stepwise tapered undulator Trebushinin, Andrei
130 Longtime Return Current Pulse Model to explain the m=0 Instablity in Laser Plasma Interactions Yang, Long
131 Investigating mechanisms of state (de) localisation in highly ionized and dense plasmas Gawne, Thomas
132 Local structure in isomorphous NiWO4-ZnWO4 solid solutions revealed by EXAFS Spectroscopy and Reverse Monte Carlo Simulations Bakradze, Georgijs
133 Comparison of methods of resolution estimation for 3D reconstructions in single-particle imaging experiments on X-Ray free-electron lasers (XFELs) Ikonnikova, Kseniia
134 Local order determines dynamics close to the glass transition Lehmkuehler, Felix
135 Penning spectroscopy and structure of acetylene oligomers in He nanodroplets probed by EUV photons Mandal, Suddhasattwa
136 X-Ray Measurements of Red Blood Cells in Continuous Flow and in an Optical Stretcher Burchert, Jan-Philipp
137 A community platform for just atomic calculations (JAC) Fritzsche, Stephan
138 The geometry of Co(II) and Ni(II) and Cu(II) complexes with chlorophenoxy herbicides determined by XAS and UV-Vis spectroscopies Drzewiecka-Antonik, Aleksandra
139 Laser-induced ultrafast insulator-metal transition in BaBiO3 Neverov, Vyacheslav
140 A high-speed imaging detector for diffraction-limited SRs and CW-FELs Marras, Alessandro
141 Ultrafast time-resolved x-ray absorption spectroscopy of ionized urea and its dimer through ab initio nonadiabatic dynamics Shakya, Yashoj
142 Electronic and structural effects at the Zn K-edge by time-resolved X-ray absorption spectroscopy Rossi, Thomas
143 Observation of laser-excited THz phonon modes in orthorhombic MnAs via time-resolved x-ray diffraction Vidal, Franck
144 Spontaneous cycloidal order mediating a spin-reorientation transition in a polar metal Dashwood, Cameron
145 Structural characterization of ClpP and PBPs from Staphylococcus epidermidis - central and vital enzymes in bacterial- virulence and stress survival and antibiotic resistance Schwinzer, Martin
146 Kinematics of plasticity-induced texture evolution for uniaxial shock or ramp compression Heighway, Patrick
147 Lab-based X-ray spectroscopy setup for measurements of liquid samples Fanselow, Rafał
148 Data reduction in serial crystallography experiments Galchenkova, Marina
149 Mechanisms of ultrafast melting induced by femtosecond hard X-ray pulse in single-crystal silicon Tkachenko, Victor
150 Superfluorescence of multilevel compact system: exact solution and stochastic modelling Sukharnikov, Vladislav
151 Status of the THz@PITZ Project - Beam Line Design and Instrumentation Weilbach, Tobias
152 Structure and design of electronic ink by X-ray scattering with synchrotron light Li, Xin
153 PolFEL beamlines and latest development Szamota-Leandersson, Karolina
154 Ultrafast dynamics and scattering of organic liquids induced by XFELs Patra, Kajwal
155 Multivariate curve resolution analysis of operando XAS data for the investigation of the lithiation mechanisms in high entropy oxides Tavani, Francesco
156 Superionic states in compound insulators produced by extreme electronic excitation Voronkov, Roman
157 In situ GISAXS/GIWAXS investigation of ß-sheet mediated biotemplating in TiO2:ß-lactoglobulin films during spray deposition Heger, Julian Eliah
158 Study of materials in the VUV Espinoza, Shirly
159 SARS-CoV-2 Virion Samples for Single Particle Imaging at the European XFEL Bagrov, Dmitry
160 Imaging coupled electron-hole dynamics in molecules with time- and angular-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy Reuner, Marvin
161 PETRA IV - The Ultimative 3D X-ray Microscope Klumpp, Stephan
162 Influence of the SASE pulse's temporal profile to energy and time distribution of photoelectrons in water target Błachucki, Wojciech
163 Role of the depolarization and decay of a quantum state on coherent control in bi-chromatic ionization Gryzlova, Elena
164 Examination of prospective chemotherapeutics with the use of the X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy Stańczyk, Wiktoria
165 Study of crystal-field effects induced by thermal oxidation of titanium Wach, Anna
166 Perspectives for single-particle imaging of hydrated proteins with an X-ray Free-Electron Laser Stransky, Michal
167 Multimodal X-ray Imaging to investigate Breast cancer Conceicao, Andre
168 Observation of water dynamics in the Mg2+ coordination at the active site in hen egg white lysozyme Lee, Dan Bi
169 The wayforlight portal for the users of European Light Sources Blasetti, Cecilia
170 Numerical experiments using neural network algorithms to determine 3D - protein structures from the data of X-ray laser radiation diffraction from single particles Novoseletsky, Valery
171 Single-Shot Absorption Spectroscopy at XFELs Harmand, Marion
172 Customized 2D and 3D Multilayer Deposition on Flexible Length Scales Ramin Moayed, Mehdi
173 Activation procedure for Pt- and Pd-functionalized UiO-67 metal-organic framework Skorynina, Alina
174 Denoising and Demasking Diffraction Patterns with Neural Networks Bellisario, Alfredo
175 Polarization sensitive IR-pump X-ray-probe spectroscopy Kimberg, Victor
176 X-ray-induced evolution of solids simulated with a hybrid MC/MD/DFTB approach Lipp, Vladimir
177 A Forward Model for Crystal Diffraction Brehm, Wolfgang
178 Heterogeneous Adsorption and Local Ordering of Formic Acid on a Magnetite Surface Creutzburg, Marcus
179 Melting dynamics of irradiated free-standing single- and polycrystalline gold films Milov, Igor
180 Electron-phonon coupling in irradiated metals across the periodic table Medvedev, Nikita
181 Temperature and time-resolved XANES studies of novel valence tautomeric cobalt complex Shapovalova, Svetlana
182 Dynamics of the hydrogen bond Trippel, Sebastian
183 Controlled molecules Trippel, Sebastian
184 Giant Supramolecules Meet Synchrotron Radiation: Experience with DESY P11 and P24 Beamlines Virovets, Alexander
185 Exploration of spin-phonon coupling in iron complexes using field-dependent nuclear inelastic scattering Omlor, Andreas
186 Revealing the nature of the magnetic proximity effect by x-ray resonant magnetic reflectivity Kuschel, Timo
187 Photoemission from aqueous solutions at P04: Towards detecting Photoelectron Circular Dichroism (PECD) Hergenhahn, Uwe
188 X-ray diffraction with high spatial resolution Modregger, Peter
189 Multi-scale 3d virtual pathohistology of lung tissue from Covid-19 patients based on phase-contrast X-ray tomography at the GINIX endstation of P10/PETRA~III Frohn, Jasper
190 Structure and composition of C-S-H compounds up to 143 GPa Bykova, Elena
191 Machine learning applications for XANES analysis of Pd nanoparticles Usoltsev, Oleg
192 Sn K-edge XAFS study in relaxor ferroelectric BaTi0.7Sn0.3O3: Evidence of structural modifications in the region around the broad dielectric maxima Surampalli, Akash
193 Disentangling Intertwined Quantum States in a Prototypical Cuprate Superconductor Küspert, Julia
194 The performance of the new intermediate focus setup at P04 Huang, Meng-Jie
195 Using X-Ray Nanotomography and Image Segmentation to Understand Morphology of Strontium Sulfate Endoskeleton in Acantharea Raja Somu, Dawn
196 Multi-scale phase-contrast x-ray tomography of small-animal cochleae Schaeper, Jannis
197 Supramolecular Zoo Peresypkina, Eugenia
198 Germanium-based nanostructure synthesis guided by amphiphilic diblock copolymer templating Weindl, Christian
199 Active layer printing of hybrid solar cells with in situ GISAXS and GIWAXS Körstgens, Volker
200 Local structure around Er atoms in the Er doped SiO2/Si multilayers Wolska, Anna
201 Quantitative 3d virtual histology of the human hippocampus by phase-contrast computed-tomography at GINIX and P10 Eckermann, Marina
202 Dynamics in amorphous ice studied by XPCS Karina, Aigerim
203 EXAFS study of four-layer Aurivillius Bi5FeTi3O15 compound Prajapat, Deepak
204 XPCS measurements of unannealed and expanded amorphous ices Ladd Parada, Marjorie
205 Selective Orbital Imaging of Excited States with X-Ray Spectroscopy: The Example of α-MnS Amorese, Andrea
206 Quantitative High-Resolution Phase-Contrast Micro Tomography at PETRA~III Riedel, Mirko
207 In situ X-ray diffraction and imaging beamline P23: status and prospects Novikov, Dmitri
208 Operando QEXAFS study of ammonia slip catalysts during realistic driving cycles Marchuk, Vasyl
209 Characterization of cardiac tissue from COVID-19 patients based on X-ray phase-contrast tomography @GINIX and P10 Reichardt, Marius
210 Dynamics of phase transition under pressure in concentrated lysozyme solutions measured by XPCS Al-Masoodi, Ahmed
211 Reaction intermediates during methanol synthesis over Cu/ZnO(000-1) and Cu/ZnO(10-14) measured at P22 POLARIS Gleissner, Robert
212 Using SAXS/WAXS to investigate morphology of protein hydrogels Biswas, Naireeta
213 In-situ GiSAXS investigations of sprayed drugs on hydrogel based matrix  Biswas, Naireeta
214 Improving Vibrational Stability at P14 DCM by Optimizing Cryocooler Parameters Palnati, Vamsee Krishna
215 The future of Macromolecular Crystallography at PETRA IV Pompidor, Guillaume
216 Thermal behavior and Co-nonsolvency/co-solvency effect of Thermoresponsive Poly(methyl methacrylate)-b-poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) Diblock Copolymers in Aqueous Solution and Water/Methanol Mixtures Ko, Chia-Hsin
217 Growth and Stability of SmS-TaS2 nanotubes studied by XAS and DAFS methods Khadiev, Azat
218 Hybrid Energy Harvester based on Triboelectric Nanogenerator and Solar Cell Xiao, Tianxiao
219 HAXPES at PETRA3 and PETRA4 Schlueter, Christoph
220 Recoil effects in high energy photoemission of solids Roth, Friedrich
221 New mechanism of the initial stage of graphene growth under controlled conditions Aristov, Victor
222 Multi-phase indium nanoparticles formed in CuPcF4 studied by TEM and PES Molodtsova, Olga
223 An evidence of local structural disorder across spin-reorientation transition in DyFeO3 : An Extended X-ray Absorption Fine structure (EXAFS) study Panchwanee, Anjali
224 Towards dose-efficient X-ray imaging with µm-resolution by Bragg Magnifier Optics Pretzsch, Rebecca
225 A 16-Channel Monolithic Array of SDDs for Ultrafast X-Ray Spectroscopy Utica, Gianlorenzo
226 Approaches to the study of the structure and conformational changes of biomolecules based on DNA aptamers Moryachkov, Roman
227 Data Analysis Flow at the P61A Instrument for White Beam Diffraction Dovzhenko, Gleb
228 Sub-10 nm resolution coherent X-ray magnetic imaging with holography-aided phase retrieval Battistelli, Riccardo
229 Swedish Materials Science Beamline (SMS) at PETRA~III: In-line branch (P21.2) Lienert, Ulrich
230 Strain impact on the piezotronic effect in ZnO rods visualized with X-Ray diffraction in sub-µm resolution Jordt, Philipp
231 Nanosecond X-ray photon correlation spectroscopy using pulse time structure of a storage-ring source Roseker, Wojciech
232 Demonstration of 3D X-ray Photon Correlation Spectroscopy in turbid colloidal systems Jo, Wonhyuk
233 EXAFS-RMC structural investigation of Nb3Sn as a function of temperature Schiesaro, Irene
234 From Chains to Rings -- X-Ray Absorption of C3Hn+ Molecular Ions Martins, Michael
235 Structural characteristics of cryoprotectants used for cells freezing. Ivanova, Anna
236 Investigating the effect of compression rates on the stress development in experiments using the dynamic diamond anvil cell (dDAC) technique Plückthun, Christian
237 Single nanowire devices for X-ray detection Chayanun, Lert
238 Lithium distribution in stripes of negative electrodes extracted from cylinder-type Li-ion batteries Petz, Dominik
239 New decomposition products of tri-metaphosphimic acid Günther, Daniel
240 Concentration-conformation relation of a poly(2-oxazoline)-based bottlebrush in good solvent Kang, Jia-Jhen
241 X-ray beam-shaping refractive optics and its applications Zverev, Dmitrii
242 The texture of structural steels after a long-term operation in the equipment petroleum refining complex Usov, Valentin
243 Developments for multidimensional serial crystallography Oberthuer, Dominik
244 Study of layered graphene-based nanocomposite obtained via diazonium chemistry Potorochin, Dmitrii
245 Highly ordered titania films with incorporated germanium nanoparticles for photoanodes Li, Nian
246 Serial crystallography at P11 Henkel, Alessandra
247 Dynamics of photoswitchable lipid monolayers Hövelmann, Svenja
248 In situ experiment for selective laser melting Rosigkeit, Jan
249 Optical pump - X-ray probe studies from liquid-vapour interfaces Giri, Rajendra Prasad
250 Liquid jet photoelectron spectroscopy applied to the study of redox reactants in solution: the permanganate / manganate redox pair Mudryk, Karen
251 Spray deposited anisotropic magnetic hybrid thin films containing PS-b-PMMA and strontium hexaferrite magnetic nanoplates Cao, Wei
252 GIWAXS in-situ Analysis of MAPI Perovskite Annealing Reb, Lennart
253 Revealing the growth of copper as contacts for polymer thin-film lithium-ion batteries Schaper, Simon Jakob
254 P62: Small Angle X-ray Scattering Beamline for Materials Research - SAXSMAT - Haas, Sylvio
255 Magnetite (001) near-surface cation transport monitored by nuclear forward scattering Tober, Steffen
256 Evidence of Magnetoelastic Coupling Around Ferromagnetic Phase Transition in Ni2MnGa Magnetic Shape Memory Alloy Singh, Anupam Kumar
257 Atomic structure of GaP(As)/Si(001) heterointerface studied by photoelectron spectroscopy Romanyuk, Oleksandr
258 Magneto-optical Kerr effect and nuclear resonant scattering study of uni-directional anisotropy in hard-soft magnetic bilayers Hussain, Zainab
259 Multilayer Laue Lens Optics with long working Distances for X-ray Nanodiffraction Gawlitza, Peter
260 In-situ XRD during crystallization of container-less processed liquid CaO-SiO2 Schraut, Katharina
261 Exploring Catalyst Dynamics in a Fixed Bed Reactor by Correlative Operando Spatially-Resolved Structure-Activity Profiling Wollak, Birte
262 Shear-induced ordering: XCCA on liquid jets Markmann, Verena
263 High-resolution imaging in extended chemical reactors with multi-slice ptychography Grote, Lukas
264 High Heat Load Mirror Seltmann, Joern
265 Operando Fischer-Tropsch Catalysis on a Cobalt Model Catalyst Surface at 200mbar using Hard X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy in POLARIS Loemker, Patrick
266 A Step Over the Pressure Gap: Pushing POLARIS towards 10bar Operando Catalysis HAXPES at PETRA IV with Spatial Resolution Loemker, Patrick
267 High-resolution crystal structure and biochemical characterization of a GH11 endoxylanase from Nectria haematococca Andaleeb, Hina
268 Disordered cations in sulfosalt-like compounds Grauer, Maxim
269 In situ diffraction dilatometry investigation of βo→β phase transformation in TiAl alloys Kononikhina, Victoria
270 Exploring magnetic materials at beamline P09 at PETRA~III Mardegan, Jose
271 PolarX- EBIT: A versatile tool for high-resolution resonant photoexcitation spectroscopy with highly charged ions Bernitt, Sven
272 Rapid In-situ XANES Imaging of Chemical Gradients during Catalytic Partial Oxidation of Methane Alizadehfanaloo, Saba
273 P61A - A new White Beam Beamline for Materials Science and Engineering Abreu Faria, Guilherme
274 In-situ X-ray Diffraction Study of Electrosorption-induced Actuation in Nanoporous Silicon Brinker, Manuel
275 Bragg coherent diffractive imaging at P10 beamline Ren, Zhe
276 X-ray Photon Correlation Spectroscopy at P10 Beamline Westermeier, Fabian
277 Luminescence of Tris (8-hydroxyquinoline) aluminum thin films under synchrotron radiation excitation Popielarski, Pawel
278 Towards fast classification of XPCS correlation maps from protein dynamics via neural networks and simulations of the Cahn-Hilliard equation Timmermann, Sonja
279 Fe(110) model catalyst for Fischer-Tropsch synthesis: In situ XPS at near-atmospheric pressures using POLARIS instrument Shipilin, Mikhail
280 The high resolution diffraction beamline P08 Bertram, Florian
281 Recent developments at the Resonant scattering and diffraction beamline P09 at PETRA~III Francoual, Sonia
282 Depth-resolved Bragg Coherent Diffractive Imaging of extra-thick Li-ion battery cathode Shabalin, Anatoly
283 Revealing the mechanism of abnormal grain growth in laminated Cu/GNS composite using in-situ synchrotron dilatometer Shi, Hailong
284 High temperature superelasticity realized in equiatomic Ti-Ni conventional shape memory alloy by severe cold rolling Zhang, Jian
285 In-situ GISAXS Investigation of Sprayed Drugs on a Cellulose Based Matrix Erbes, Elisabeth
286 Structural compatibility and magnetocaloric measurement protocols in Ni-Pt-Mn-In magnetic shape memory alloy Dubey, Krishna Kant
287 Multi-Axis Robot INstaller for Crystall Direct Harvester Bueno, Moises
288 Timepix4 - a timestamping pixel detector Pennicard, David
289 Depth resolved HAXPES study of interfaces in Ta/Co2FeAl/MgO Gupta, Ajay
290 In-Situ Characterization of Soft Photonic Crystals: Melting and Recrystallization Lapkin, Dmitrii
291 Structural Inhomogeneity in Superfluorescent Perovskite-NC Superlattice Lapkin, Dmitrii
292 In-situ Fe K-edge XAS analysis of ionic species in the highly concentrated FeCl2 (aq) solution for energy storage technology Luin, Uroš
293 Synchrotron-radiation computed tomography uncovers ecosystem functions of fly larvae in an Eocene forest Baranov, Viktor
294 Structural evolution of severe plastically deformed metals upon heating Liss, Klaus-Dieter
295 In Situ Printing: Insights into the Morphology Formation and Optical Property Evolution of Slot-Die-Coated Active Layers Containing Low Bandgap Polymer Donor and Nonfullerene Small Molecule Acceptor Müller-Buschbaum, Peter
296 Multimodal Characterization of Functionality and Chemical composition and Morphology of Thin Film Solar Cells. Slyamov, Azat
297 Study of sublattice magnetization in Y1.5Gd1.5Fe5O12 using hard x-ray magnetic circular dichroism Kuila, Manik
298 Influence of anchoring ligands on magnetic properties of 3d-4f heterometallic complexes after deposition on a solid surface substrate Mazalova, Victoria
299 High-Rate Data Acquisition and Management at the EMBL Beamlines Nikolova, Marina
300 Evidence of Highly Anharmonic Soft Lattice Vibrations in a Zintl Rattler Dutta, Moinak
301 Towards quantitative surface strain analysis in Bragg Coherent Diffractive Imaging using correlative imaging Carnis, Jerome
302 Closed Loop Motion Control at the EMBL-Hamburg Ristau, Uwe
303 Beamline P66 Kotlov, Aleksei
304 Beamline P64: High-resolution X-ray Emission Spectroscopy Kalinko, Aleksandr
305 Structure degradation of quantum dot solids for solar cells Chen, Wei
306 X-ray action spectroscopy as an approach to investigate the structure and the relaxation mechanisms of gas-phase biomolecular ions Schwob, Lucas
307 X-ray parametric down-conversion processes at synchrotron light sources: a theoretical and experimental approach Boemer, Christina
308 Structural characterization of a commensurate low temperature phase of yttrium manganate oxid YMn2O5 in picometer range with resonate x-ray diffraction Weigel, Tina
309 Operando structural study of electrochemical reduction of carbon dioxide on Cu(100) Qiu, Canrong
310 Resonant X-ray emission spectroscopy of the thermochromic phase transition in CuMo1-xWxO4 solid solutions Pudza, Inga
311 Structure based identification of Bortezomib and Ixazomib as new lead compounds for the development of novel boron-based beta-lactamase inhibitors Prester, Andreas
312 Inner-shell photoionization of S+ ions Trinter, Florian
313 ICD Relaxation of K-edge Core Hole of Aqueous ions Gopakumar, Geethanjali
314 PETRA~III Beamline P61B: High-Pressure Research using the Large Volume Press (LVP) and white X-rays Farla, Robert
315 Energy-dispersive XRD methods for non-destructive materials science at P61A (PETRA~III) Degener, Sebastian
316 Acoustic Emissions Testing in the LVP to Explore Dehydration-induced Embrittlement Ma, Shuailing
317 Nondestructive determination of Li concentration and distribution in prismatic Li-ion battery Baran, Volodymyr
318 Analysis of ferroelectric strontium titanate thin films with resonant X-ray diffraction Nentwich, Melanie
319 In situ and in operando nanotomography at the Imaging Beamline P05 Greving, Imke
320 Impact of vacancies and impurities on ferroelectricity in PVD- and ALD-grown HfO2 films Müller, Martina
321 In situ Annealing GIWAXS Studies of 2-Step Printed MAPI Scheel, Manuel
322 Near L-edge single and multiple photoionization of doubly charged iron ions Buhr, Ticia
323 Understanding of Network Properties of Silver Nanowire Composites Glier, Tomke Eva
324 In situ X-ray studies of electrodeposition of lead-halide compounds on liquid mercury electrode Sartori, Andrea
325 Enhanced ferroelectric polarization in TiN/HfO2/TiN capacitors by in-terface design Szyjka, Thomas
326 Super-Resolution X-ray Holography Soltau, Jakob
327 Fast Track Access and Remote Operation at P11 during the Corona Crisis Crosas Ubeda, Eva
328 Magnetic x-ray standing waves Kamiński, Michał
329 High-Pressure Macromolecular Crystallography Lieske, Julia
330 Multiple Photodetachment of Silicon Anions Perry-Sassmannshausen, Alexander
331 Thermally-Induced Growth of Silver Nanoparticles on Nanocellulose Templates Brett, Calvin
332 Dynamics of Protein Solutions studied by SAXS-XPCS Akhundzadeh, Mohammad Sayed
333 Performance of the two-branch soft x-ray beamline P04 at PETRA~III Hoesch, Moritz
334 PtyNAMi: ptychographic nano-analytical microscope Schropp, Andreas
335 Cochleate structures by SAXS Garidel, Patrick
336 Structural characterization of ClpP and PBPs from Staphylococcus epidermidis - central and vital enzymes in bacterial virulence and stress survival and antibiotic resistance Alves França, Bruno
337 Pilot project microbeam irradiation in ex-vivo functional esophageal samples Schültke, Elisabeth
338 In-situ synchrotron X-ray diffraction of the additively manufactured AlSi10Mg alloy: microscopic strains and stresses and dislocation density Zhang, Xingxing
339 Structural investigations of mixed anionic rare-earth and transition metal chalogenide oxides Benndorf, Christopher
340 Layer-by-layer Spray Coating of Cellulose Nanofibrils and Silver Nanoparticles for Hydrophilic Interfaces Chen, Qing
341 P03/MiNaXS - current status and future plans Schwartzkopf, Matthias
342 Real-Time GISAXS during Sputter Deposition Schwartzkopf, Matthias
343 Resonant X-ray diffraction spectroscopy: high-temperature measurements on the precursors (Co,Ni,Mn)Ox(OH)y Richter, Carsten
344 PETRA~III: Advanced Applications of Synchrotron Radiation Seeck, Oliver
345 Sputter deposition of Ag on nanostructured PMMA-b-P3HT copolymer thin films Gensch, Marc
346 Luminescent properties and energy transfer processes in Ca3Tb1-xCex(PO4)3 (x=0-1) orthophosphates under synchrotron radiation excitation Zorenko, Yuriy
347 Exploring the Phase Transformation of a Single Non-FCC Gold Nanocrystal by Scanning X-ray Diffraction Microscopy Sarma, Abhisakh
348 Pressure induced structural transformation of Ta-doped HfO2 Pathak, Santanu
349 The stability of subducted glaucophane with the Earth's secular cooling Lee, Yongjae
350 Human antibacterial peptides modify the structure of lipid monolayers upon interfacial adsorption Klösgen, Beate
351 Effect of Gd solute on tensile properties and deformation behavior of Mg-xGd-0.12 Zr alloy Yang, Lixiang
352 Microscopic pathways for stress relaxation in repulsive colloidal glasses Dallari, Francesco
353 TEM-SAXS-XCCA approach for structure determination of plasmonic supercrystals Lehmkuehler, Felix
354 In-situ spraying of Colloids on Cellulose Nanofibers Harder, constantin
355 MagStREXS: a Crystallographic Software for Magnetic Structure Determination from Resonant Magnetic X-ray Diffraction Data Bereciartua, Pablo J.
356 Topological Insulator/Ferromagnet Heterostructures -- Sample Design and First Photoelectron Spectroscopy Results Marotzke, Simon
357 X-ray diffraction of extremely bent single nanowires Pietsch, Ullrich
358 Advance Single crystal X-ray diffraction at P24 Noohinejad, Leila
359 Analysis of residual stress and microstructur in additively manufactured AlSi10Mg Nielsen, Marc-André
360 Advanced X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy at P64 - Current Status and Future Projects Caliebe, Wolfgang
361 Segmentation of High Resolution Phase Contrast X-ray Tomography Data Jentschke, Thomas
362 Biomedical Imaging @ GINIX: Preparing for PETRA IV Osterhoff, Markus
363 Detection of SARS-CoV-2 in human saliva using SAXS Conceicao, Andre
364 Current status of the EH1 endstation at the P06 Hard X-ray nanoprobe beamline Garrevoet, Jan
365 Implementation of an in situ environmental cell for in situ nanotomography of biological specimen at the imaging beamline P05 Nopens, Martin
366 X-ray absorption spectroscopy study of thermoelectric TiO2:Nb thin films Kuzmin, Alexei
367 Néel Vector Induced Manipulation of Valence States in the Collinear Antiferromagnet Mn2Au Elmers, Hans-Joachim
368 Resonant elastic x-ray scattering from Ruthenium 4d conducting states in the centrosymmetric skyrmion host Gd3Ru4Al12 Hirschberger, Max