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21 October 2021 to 28 January 2022
Europe/Berlin timezone

1 Data/Computer Science topic each month discussed in 2 seminars interleaved with 2 help desk sessions

Date: Thursdays, 16:00-17:30 (except 21 Oct 2021 14:00-15:30)

Location: Seminar room, CDCS, Notkestraße 9, 1st floor

Proudly presented in the real world! 😊

Organized by the Computational Core Unit (CCU) of the Center for Data and Computing in Natural Sciences (CDCS)

Dr. Marie Tolkiehn
Scientific-administrative Management of the CDCS

Due to illnesses, we have to postpone the seminar series by two weeks.

The seminar "Julia Basics" on 4 November 2021 16-17.30 is postponed to 18.11.2021 16-17:30. The help desk session on 11.11.2021 16-17:30 is postponed to the 25.11.2021 16-17:30.

Below the date of each seminar, we will add a link for a non-binding registration. Please enter your name there if you intend to come. You can still come if you are not registered, but it gives us an estimate on how many people we are expecting to come!

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We will also keep you updated through the mailing lists of DASHH.

Tentative Agenda

October 2021

Containers - what are they and why should I care

Speaker: Dr. Lennart Rustige (

21 October 2021 Kick-off & Containers I (starts at 14:00)
28 October 2021 Containers II



November 2021 - December 2021

JULIA basics - get the best of many worlds

Speaker: Dr. Florian Griese (

18 November 2021

Why should I bother learning Julia?

  Non-binding Registration

25 November 2021 Getting help starting your first Julia project!
  Zoom link 
  Non-binding Registration

2 December 2021 Solution to two language problem?
  Zoom link
  Non-binding Registration

9 December 2021 Porting your project from Python to Julia!
  Non-binding Registration




















December 2021 - January 2022

Databases - speed up your data analysis

Speaker: Dr. Annett Ungethüm (

16 December 2021 Why and how should I use a database and why it is different from an excel sheet
23 December 2021 (upon request) Getting help with your first queries!
6 January 2022 Relational DBs, document stores, key-value-stores: There's a system for every use-case
13 January 2022 Get your research data into a database!







January 2022 - February 2022

Parallel processing - How to make the most of your machine time

Speakers: Dr. Florian Griese, Dr. Annett Ungethüm

20 January 2022 Parallelism on all levels: on a single core, on multiple cores, and on multiple nodes
27 January 2022 Try out our toy examples!
3 February 2022 Tales from experience and typical pitfalls

10 February 2022

Get help to parallelize your own application.





Seminar room
Notkestraße 9, 22607 Hamburg
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