QCD and Monte Carlo techniques


In this course the basics of Monte Carlo techniques and the theory of strong interactions, Quantum Chromodynamics, are covered. We will discuss the QCD evolution equations and the application to processes at the LHC, in particular the transverse momentum spectrum of Z and Higgs bosons.

In the exercises we will apply basic Monte Carlo techniques for integration and finally construct the parton evolution to calculate the transverse momentum distribution of Z and Higgs bosons.

Disclaimer: this course will not discuss the application of general Monte Carlo event generators.

The Research Training Group (RTG)  is carried out jointly by the Institute for Theoretical Particle Physics and Cosmology, Physics Institute III A and Physics Institute I B. The RTG is centred around LHC research. It builds on the particular strengths of the scientific groups at the RWTH Aachen University and the tradition of close collaboration between theory and experiment. The experimental groups at RWTH are part of the CMS collaboration. The theoretical group at RWTH covers a broad range of topics from precision calculations in quantum chromodynamics to the phenomenology of supersymmetry and dark matter.

  • Alberto Rescia
  • Alena Dodonova
  • Alessandro Guida
  • Alessandro Ratti
  • Aliya Nigamova
  • Amélie Henke
  • Ana Ventura Barroso
  • Andre Zimermmane Castro Santos
  • Annika Stein
  • Brunella D'Anzi
  • Colomba Brancaccio
  • Daniel Stremmer
  • Daniele Lombardi
  • Danilo Meuser
  • David Gutiérrez Menéndez
  • Dmitrii Korneev
  • Evgeniya Cheremushkina
  • Federico Vazzoler
  • Felix Eschment
  • Florian Lorkowski
  • Frederic Engelke
  • Gilson Correia Silva
  • Hannes Jung
  • Huan-Yu Bi
  • Jasmina Nasufi
  • Jonathan Hermann
  • Jose Lesteiro
  • Keila Moral Figueroa
  • Leila Khajooee
  • Lorenzo Vigilante
  • Luis Ignacio Estévez Baños
  • Lukas Simon
  • Magnus Schaaf
  • Marco Niggetiedt
  • Michele Lupattelli
  • Miguel David Fernández Moreira
  • Mikel Mendizabal
  • Ming-Yan Lee
  • Muhammad Ibrahim Abdulhamid Elsayed
  • Philipp Müllender
  • Sel Yuchen Zhou
  • Silvia Zanoli
  • somayeh rezaie
  • Spandan Mondal
  • Svenja Diekmann
  • Terry Generet
  • Tom Schellenberger
  • Valentina Guglielmi
  • Yannick Klein
QCD and Monte Carlo techniques
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