Aug 20 – 25, 2023
Universität Hamburg
Europe/Berlin timezone

Zoom Connections

The passcode is the same for all rooms and it will be send to the registered conference participants via email.

Plenary sessions

Parallel sessions

T01 Astroparticle Physics and Gravitational Waves

T02 Gravitation and Cosmology 

T03 Dark Matter

T03+T10 Dark Matter + Searches for New Physics

T04 Neutrino Physics

T05 Ultra-Relativistic Nuclear Collisions

T06 QCD and Hadronic Physics

T07 Top and Electroweak Physics

T08 Flavour Physics and CP Violation

T09 Higgs Physics

T09+T10 Higgs Physics + Searches for New Physics

T10 Searches for New Physics

T11 Quantum Field and String Theory

T12 Detector R&D and Data Handling

T13 Accelerators for HEP

T14 Outreach, Education and EDI