xFitter Workshop

Build. 35, room 108 (DESY-Hamburg)

Build. 35, room 108



The fifth international workshop to bring together users and developers of the xFitter project. The topics will include current status and further developments in accordance with experimental analysis demands. The workshop will start on Wednesday February 26th at 10am and will run until Friday February 28th around lunch time.

Accommodation: Please take note that the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg introduced a lodging tax since January 2013 for private visits. To be exempted from this tax, you should have a written confirmation from your institute which you have to present to the hotel at the latest by check in. In case you have managed to book a room at the DESY-Hostel, this confirmation is not needed.

Workshop Dinner: New regulations at DESY force us to call for bids for the common dinner, even if it takes place at the DESY-Bistro. To avoid this administrative overhead we ask everyone who wants to attend the common dinner to pay for him- or herself. The workshop dinner is planned on Thursday, Feb 27th at 6:00 pm at the Restaurant 'Hala' Beselerpl. 11, 22607 Hamburg.

Please register for the workshop and indicate whether you are planning to attend the workshop dinner. Workshop Fee: None

  • Agnieszka Luszczak
  • Alessandro Guida
  • Alexander Glazov
  • Amanda Cooper-Sarkar
  • Andrey Sapronov
  • Florian Lorkowski
  • Francesco Giuli
  • Fredrick Olness
  • Hannes Jung
  • Harry Lyons
  • Ivan Novikov
  • James Ferrando
  • Joël Feltesse
  • Juri Fiaschi
  • Katerina Lipka
  • Ludovica Aperio Bella
  • Oleksandr Zenaiev
  • Otto Nachtmann
  • Pavel Starovoitov
  • Sara Taheri Monfared
  • Simone Amoroso
  • Toni Mäkelä
  • Zhiqing Zhang
    • 09:00 09:30
    • 09:30 12:00
      Introduction and status
      • 09:30
        xFitter project status 30m
        Speaker: Sasha Glazov
      • 10:00
        Prosa analyses 30m
        Speaker: Sasha Zenaiev
      • 10:30
        Coffee break 20m
      • 10:50
        Defiducialisation 30m
        Speaker: Sasha Glazov
      • 11:20
        A0 fits 30m
    • 13:30 17:10
      xFitter users and tools
      • 13:30
        ATLAS report 30m
        Speaker: Francesco Giuli
      • 14:00
        CMS report 30m
        Speaker: Tony Mäkelä
      • 14:30
        PDF benchmarking 20m
        Speaker: Valiantsin Novik
      • 15:00
        Coffee 20m
      • 15:20
        TMDs 30m
        Speaker: Sara Taheri
      • 15:50
        APPLGRID 30m
        Speaker: Pavel Starovoitov
      • 16:20
        xFitter examples 30m
        Speaker: Oleksandr Zenaiev
      • 16:50
        Lambda fits to HERA data 20m
        Speaker: Agnieszka Luszczak
    • 09:00 12:20
      New code developments
      • 09:00
        master branch status 1h
        Speaker: Ivan Novikov
      • 10:30
        Coffee 20m
      • 10:50
        QCDNUM 30m
        Speaker: Michiel Botje
      • 11:20
        Release planning discussion 1h
    • 13:30 16:00
      New analysis ideas
      • 13:30
        Tensor pomeron and odderon phenomenology 1h
        Speaker: Otto Nachtmann
      • 14:30
        Global DIS+EWK fits 1h
        Speaker: Simone Amoroso
      • 15:30
        Coffe 30m
    • 09:00 12:00
      Working session
      • 09:30
        nPDFs in xFitter 30m
        Speaker: Marina Walt
      • 10:30
        Coffee 20m