15-18 March 2021
Europe/Berlin timezone

First user experiments of the PERCIVAL soft X-ray imager

17 Mar 2021, 11:15


Oral contribution Neutron-Instrumentation Advanced instrumentation and data analysis


Jonathan Correa Magdalena (FS-DS (Detektorsysteme))


The PERCIVAL detector, a CMOS imager specifically designed for the soft X-ray regime, has served in 2020 its two first user experiments, both at a Synchrotron Radiation source (SR) and also at a Free Electron Laser (FEL). Here, we report some preliminary results of both experiments as well as future plans.

The first experiment, in collaboration with groups at the HZB and MBI, used the P04 XUV beamline at PETRA-III to perform holography imaging of topological materials (in particular skyrmions) at an energy or 780eV. The second experiment, in collaboration used the FL24 at FLASH-2 to performed ptychography imaging of plasma treated surfaces at an energy range between 92 and 462eV. Both experiments benefited from a very large dynamic range, thanks to the PERCIVAL auto-adaptative gain switching.

With its 4 x 4 cm2 active area, extendable to 8 x 8 cm2 in clover-leaf like configurations, and its 2 Megapixels, 27 um size, PERCIVAL can provide images with high spatial resolution. Moreover, its fast readout, wil be capable of speeds up to 300 frames per second. A dynamic range from ~ 14e- to 3.5 Me- is to be expected. The development, jointly carried by 5 light sources (DESY, PAL, Elettra, DLS and SOLEIL) and RAL/STFC, will enable increased science yield from today’s FEL and synchrotron light sources in the soft X-ray regime.

Primary author

Jonathan Correa Magdalena (FS-DS (Detektorsysteme))


Alessandro Marras (DESY) Cornelia WUNDERER (DESY) heinz graafsma (DESY) Kai Bagschik (DESY FS-PE) Martin v. Zimmermann (HASYLAB at DESY) Tim Nicholls (STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory) HyoJung Hyun (Pohang Accelerator Laboratory) Seungyu Rah (PAL) Rui Pan (DESY) Barbara Keitel (DESY) V. Vardanyan (DESY) F. Krivan (DESY) S. Gang (DESY) M. Ruiz-Lopez (DESY) R. Battistelli (HZB) B. Pfau (MBI) F. Buettner (HZB) A. Dawiec (Soleil) F. Orsini (Soleil) Koonstantin Kharitonov (Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron DESY, Hamburg, 22607, Germany) Masoud Mehrjoo (Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron) Elke Plönjes (DESY) Bastian Pfau (Max-Born-Institut) K.S. Kim (PAL) N. Tartoni (Diamond Light Source) Felk V. (DESY) I Shevyakov (DESY) M Zimmer (DESY) N Guerrini (STFC/RAL) S. Lange (DESY) R.H. Menk (Elettra) B Marsch (STFC/RAL) M Hoesch (DESY) W Nichols (Diamond Light Source) A Greer (Diamond Light Source) G. Cautero (Elettra) U Pedersen (Diamond Light Source)

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