Mar 15 – 18, 2021
Europe/Berlin timezone

Poster List

All poster presenters are invited to present their posters in both sessions. 

However we encourage all even poster numbers and the young christallographers to present their posters in the Tuesday session and all posters with odd numbers in the Wednesday session

Poster No. Floor No. Submitter Track Titel
1 1 Jan Wollenhaupt Bio-crystallography Crystallographic fragment screening workflow at HZB
2 1 Julia Lieske Bio-crystallography High-pressure macromolecular crystallography
3 1 Hina Andaleeb Bio-crystallography High-resolution crystal structure and biochemical characterization of a GH11 endoxylanase from Nectria haematococca
4 1 Frank Lennartz Bio-crystallography Low dose measurements for spatially resolved anomalous dispersion refinement
5 1 Martin Schwinzer, Bruno Alves França Bio-crystallography Structural characterization of ClpP and PBPs from Staphylococcus epidermidis - central and vital enzymes in bacterial virulence, stress survival and antibiotic resistance
6 1 Andreas Prester Bio-crystallography Structure based identification of Bortezomib and Ixazomib as new lead compounds for the development of novel boron-based ß-lactamase inhibitors
7 1 Thomas Hauß Bio-crystallography XDSAPP3 – the new graphical user interface
for the convenient processing of diffraction data
using XDS
8 1 Bernard Lehmann Disordered Materials, complex crystal structures and aperiodic crystals, diffuse scattering and 3D-PDF The incommensurate structure of the binary thallides
A4Tl13 (A = Rb, Cs).The solution of an old
9 1 Galina Gurieva Energy materials: batteries, photovoltaics, etc. Cu/Zn disorder in Cu2ZnSn(SxSe1-x)4 monograins: the result of “ordering” procedure
10 1 Dominik Petz Energy materials: batteries, photovoltaics, etc. Dynmanics of the Lithium-Distribution in commercial LFP|C lithium-ion batteries under charge/discharge
11 1 Benedikt Ehrhardt Energy materials: batteries, photovoltaics, etc. Evaluation of oxygen delivery from nanoporous perovskite solid solutions with in situ XRD and TG-MS
12 1 S. Matveev Spectroscopy Soft X-ray analysis applied to crystallographic
characterization of graphite
13 1 Yaşar Krysiak Framework structures: MOFs, COFs, etc A new type of hydrous layer silicates and zeolites obtained by 3D electron diffraction
14 1 Volodymyr Bon Framework structures: MOFs, COFs, etc Elucidating the structural evolution of a highly porous responsive metal-organic framework (DUT-49(M)) upon guests desorption by time-resolved in-situ powder X-ray diffraction
15 1 Jianbo Song Framework structures: MOFs, COFs, etc Tuning the high-pressure phase behaviour of ultra-compressible zeolitic imidazolate frameworks – From discontinuous to continuous pore closure by linker substitution
16 2 Katharina Köhler Inorganic crystal structures Crystal Structure of a New Ternary Phase in the System Ba-Mg-Zn
17 2 Constantin Buyer Inorganic crystal structures Crystal-structure determination of hydrothermally
produced nanocrystalline synthetic
bastnaesite-type NdF[CO3]
18 2 Joachim Breternitz Inorganic crystal structures Group-Subgroup Relationships in Wurtzite-related Nitrides
19 2 Felix Christian Goerigk Inorganic crystal structures High-Pressure Hydrothermal Synthesis and Single
Crystal X-Ray Structure Determination of
20 2 Ekaterina Kochetkova Inorganic crystal structures Hydrothermal crystallization in phosphate systems with alkaline and transition metals
21 2 Pia L. Lange Inorganic crystal structures K3Lu7Se12: The first potassium lanthanoid selenide
with Cs3Y7Se12-type crystal structure
22 2 Thomas Schleid Inorganic crystal structures Li2Nd3Cl3[TeO3]4: The First Lithium-Containing
Lanthanoid Chloride Oxotellurate(IV)
23 2 Jean-Louis Hoslauer Inorganic crystal structures Li2EuGd4O8: A New Lithium Lanthanoid Oxide with Orange-Yellow Luminescence
24 2 Kevin U. Bareiß Inorganic crystal structures Mn(H2O)6[B10Cl10] · 2.5 H2O: Synthesis and
Crystal Structure
25 2 Paul Wimmer Inorganic crystal structures Reconsideration of the space group symmetry of multiferroic phases TbMn2O5 and MnWO4 using neutron Renninger scans
26 2 Falk Lissner Inorganic crystal structures Single Crystals of K2NdCl5 and K2SmCl5
27 2 Maurice Conrad Inorganic crystal structures Single Crystals of Orthorhombic BaTa2O6:  Serendipitous Formation and Rational Structure Determination
28 2 Caroline Röhr Inorganic crystal structures Synthesis, crystal and electronic structure of
the new binary 𝐴𝐼𝐻𝑔 5 mercurides KHg5 and
29 2 Patrik Djendjur Inorganic crystal structures Synthesis, Crystal Structure and Magnetic Properties
of Gd2Se[SiO4]
30 2 Ralf Jules Christian Locke Inorganic crystal structures Unconnected Bromide Layers in the Crystal
Structure of DySb2O4Br
31 3 Jürgen Graf Extreme/non-ambient conditions Squeezing the Most Data out of Your High-Pressure Experiment
32 3 Tobias Rathmann In situ / in operando studies In situ XRPD observation of mechanochemical reactions in a ball mill
33 3 Lorenz Lindenthal In situ / in operando studies Structural and Electronic Characterization of Doped Exsolution Perovskites
34 3 Zhengyu Yan In situ / in operando studies Understanding thermal exfoliation of h-BN using in situ X-ray diffraction
35 3 Christian Ludt Inorganic functional materials Controlled tuning of atomic structure in functional materials by acoustic standing waves and electric fields
36 3 Tina Weigel Inorganic functional materials Structure of ferroelectric low temperature phase
of yttrium manganate YMn2O5 revisited
37 3 Tobias Köhler Micro and nano-crystalline materials Antiphase boundaries in small iron oxide nanoparticles
38 3 Dmitry Dzhigaev Micro and nano-crystalline materials Three-dimensional coherent X-ray imaging of
ferroelastic domains in CsPbBr3 perovskite
39 3 Alexander Nazarenko Organic and metal-organic crystal structures Application of QC Techniques to several elementorganic compounds: some reminiscences of a user
40 3 Thomas Pickl Organic and metal-organic crystal structures Expanding the Scope of Macrocyclic Poly-NHC Ligands: Bimetallic Palladium(II) and Platinum(II) Complexes
41 3 Franziska Busse Organic and metal-organic crystal structures Experimental charge density studies on solids containing halogen bonds to pentafluoroiodobenzene
42 3 Alexandra Heidecker Organic and metal-organic crystal structures Exploring the Self-Assembly of Anisotropic Pillarplex Cations
43 3 Michael Patzer Organic and metal-organic crystal structures In situ crystallization of l-menthone
44 4 Krishnayan Basuroy Young crystallographers: Lightning talks A Crystallographic and Spectroscopic Investigation of Photo-Induced Electron Transfer in Pyrene-(CH2)2-N,N’-Dimethylaniline: Time-Resolved Studies in Solutions and Polymorphic Crystals.
45 4 Steven van Terwingen Young crystallographers: Lightning talks A One-Dimensional Heterobimetallic Fe(III)/Hg(II) Coordination Polymer Linked by a Ditopic Pyrazole Substituted Acetylacetone
46 4 Marius Kremer Young crystallographers: Lightning talks Coordination Polymers featuring Dibenzoyltartaric and Ditoluoyltartaric Acid: A different approach to a popular compound.
47 4 Michael Rütten Young crystallographers: Lightning talks Encapsulation of inorganic nanoparticles into novel T. maritima encapsulin variants
48 4 Laura Folkers Young crystallographers: Lightning talks How Occupancy Disorder Impacts Magnetism in Topological Insulators
49 4 Hans Gildenast Young crystallographers: Lightning talks MOFs of a O,P,N heterotritopic Ligand – One reaction, two networks – A topological analysis