Mar 15 – 18, 2021
Europe/Berlin timezone

Poster Session Information

'Remo' poster session
For the virtual poster session we will use the '' platform. 
The links to the sessions will be provided via e-mail just before the meeting. 
Regarding the data security issues, please see the information below. 

….As a participant 
If you want to know where to find which poster, please visit our webpage with the poster lists. 

When entering the virtual poster session, you will be allocated randomly to a poster. Anyhow you may leave this poster instantly.

On the left hand side of your monitor you will find the list of floors. On each floor you will find 8 posters. 

You want to participate and talk to the poster presenters?

Please allow the usage of camera and microphone in your browser.

To choose a poster please doubleclick on the poster. After the click you will join a videoconference with the poster presenter and all other people discussing with the poster presenter at the same time.

You want to talk to another participant? Search for this person in the Chat function and start a private chat. You may also meet at one of the empty tables and have a chat via the video conference. 

More information on how to use please visit:

If you want to check if your system is ready for please visit

….As a poster presenter

There are two possibilities to present your poster online.  (Please note: There will be no upload of your poster to the conference website)

1.    Via “Share Screen”
2.    Usage of whiteboard function

1) Share Screen
Please open your file on your desktop and click on the share screen button on your tile list.
Please note that people may only see your poster, as long as you share your screen. 

2) Using the whiteboard function
You may want to use the whiteboard in order to present your work. There you can upload your poster as well as further documents. 
The whiteboard is linked to your table and not to your presence, which means your uploaded poster will stay until the end of the meeting.
Participants can individually zoom in and comment to your poster and can even leave a message if you are not present. 

For further information on how to use the whiteboard please visit:

Poster Special

This time the Users´ Meeting poster session will held as digital event. Therefore, it might be a good idea to adjust your poster layout accordingly.
We strongly advise you not to use a standard A0 portrait layout. We rather suggest to use a landscape format in 16:9 or 16:10. 

You need some input in setting up scientific posters in a new way?

Please visit:


For further information and support during the event please send an email to events.conferences@desy or visit the technical support desk at the sessions. 

Data protection | Privacy policy

For 'Remo'
Referring Remo, please note that Remo will be the controller and you are entering directly into a contract with The REMO privacy policy and data protection rules can be found here
It is your personal decision to enter a REMO session or not.