LSDMA 2013 Spring Meeting

Building 1B Seminar Room 4a/b (DESY Hamburg)

Building 1B Seminar Room 4a/b

DESY Hamburg

Christopher Jung (KIT) , Jörg Meyer (KIT) , Marco Strutz (DESY) , Marcus Hardt (KIT) , Martin Gasthuber (DESY) , Patrick Fuhrmann (DESY) , Steve Aplin (DESY)
We are happy to announce the "2013 LSDMA Spring Meeting". LSDMA is an HGF initiative to support the creation of community independent data management and analysis facilities. The meeting covers 3 LSDMA events:
  • 11.3.2013 The LSDMA Identity Management Workshop
  • 12.3.2013 The LSDMA Community Forum
  • 13.3.2013 The LSDMA All Hands Meeting
Bits and pieces of the agenda may still be in flux.
Each event can be booked seperately.
For details see the Logistics Page.