25-27 March 2019
Europe/Berlin timezone


At European XFEL two empty tunnels are currently available, which are planned to be upgraded in the mid-term to two new FEL beamlines (SASE4 and SASE5). This deserves a call for a detailed analysis of ideas for facility upgrades, both from technical and scientific side, which would enhance the capabilities of EuXFEL. The workshop "New Scientific Capabilities at European XFEL" will broadly address possible scientific topics related to the SASE4 and SASE5 upgrades.

The 3 day workshop comprises 10 topical sessions, where more than 30 presentations will be given by invited scientists. It will broadly address all possible relevant new scientific topics and will only be a first step of a complex iterative process followed in 2019 by thematically focused workshops.

We encourage all workshop attendees to participate in roundtable discussions completing each topical session. We are entering an exciting time of new developments; your contribution is absolutely required. Also, do not miss a unique opportunity to visit the experimental facilities at the EuXFEL during the guided tours.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Hamburg soon!


Registration open: 15 February – 18 March 2019

Registration is free of charge for all participants.


The workshop Scientific Committee:

Christian Bressler (European XFEL), Francesca Calegari (DESY), Stefan Eisebitt (MBI Berlin), Robert Feidenhans'l (European XFEL), Gianluca Geloni (European XFEL), Anders Madsen (European XFEL), Adrian Mancuso (European XFEL), Michael Meyer (European XFEL), Serguei Molodtsov (European XFEL), Sakura Pascarelli (ESRF), Thomas Pfeifer (MPIK Heidelberg), Ralf Röhlsberger (Uni Hamburg), Jörg Rossbach (Uni Hamburg), Andreas Scherz (European XFEL), Thomas Tschentscher (European XFEL), Ulf Zastrau (European XFEL) 


The workshop Organizers:

Serguei Molodtsov, Ruslan Kurta, Sandra Kniehl

For organizational matters please contact Sandra Kniehl: sandra.kniehl@xfel.eu, +49 (0)40 8998 6432


Workshop dates and location: