Higher Order Mode Measurements in Superconducting Accelerating Cavities

Bldg. 24, Rm 200 (DESY, Hamburg)

Bldg. 24, Rm 200

DESY, Hamburg

Notkestrasse 85 22607 Hamburg GERMANY
Higher Order Modes (HOM) and wakefields are a major common concern for the beam dynamics in superconducting accelerators. At the TTF/FLASH facility at DESY in Hamburg, various measurements have been carried out during time, for the study of the HOMs, but also on their use for diagnostics. Some of the first measurements used an intensity-modulated beam to find single high impedance modes from the spectrum. The most recent measurements deal with using the HOM signals as beam position monitors. In an attempt to match future measurements to the requirements of various projects, such as the XFEL and the ILC, but also other projects using superconducting technology, this mini-workshop on HOM measurements in superconducting cavities is held. The tentative agenda is as follows: - review past measurements - review important HOM-related questions for the beam dynamics in superconducting accelerators (particularly ILC, XFEL), - present ideas for possible future measurements - review facilities where such measurements could possibly be carried out in the future, in addition to FLASH
  • Anton Labanc
  • Ben Spencer
  • Carl Beard
  • Christopher Glasman
  • Claire SIMON
  • Emma Wooldridge
  • Ian Shinton
  • Igor Zagorodnov
  • Leo Bellantoni
  • Nathan Eddy
  • Nicoleta Baboi
  • Rainer Wanzenberg
  • Roger Jones
  • Stephen Molloy
  • Vic Scarpine