MCNet and Terascale Alliance Monte Carlo School 2013



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Both the EU Monte Carlo Network MCNet and the Terascale Alliance "Physics at the Terascale" have a long tradition of organising schools on HEP Monte Carlo event generators. This year, the two efforts are merged, and the common 2013 Monte Carlo school will be held from 5-9 August at the Maria Spring hostel / conference site close to Göttingen, Germany. The School will provide a five-day course on the physics and techniques used in modern Monte Carlo event generators via a series of lectures and practical sessions. The school is aimed at advanced doctoral students and young postdocs. To prepare for the tutorials at the School, participants bringing their own laptops must download and install VirtualBox following the instructions given on this site. A virtual machine with the software for tutorials will be distributed at the School or even beforehand. The funds from MCNet and the Terascale Alliance will cover the local costs of all participants; only the travel costs (flight, train, etc.) have to be covered by the participants themselves or by their institutes.
Bulletin 1
  • Adrian Irles
  • Andrzej Siodmok
  • aparajita dattagupta
  • Ben Smart
  • Benedikt Maier
  • Benjamin Willenberg
  • Christian Bierlich
  • Christian Roehr
  • Daniel Wiegand
  • Danilo Paulikat
  • David Grellscheid
  • Edson Carquin
  • Emmanuel de Oliveira
  • Enrico Bothmann
  • Frank Krauss
  • Igor Vidic
  • Jennifer Thompson
  • Karin Firnkes
  • Katharina Behr
  • Kevin Kroeninger
  • Koen Oussoren
  • Krzysztof Bozek
  • Lee Tomlinson
  • Leif Lönnblad
  • Marcin Chrzaszcz
  • Marek Schoenherr
  • Michael Seymour
  • Mojtaba Mohammadi Najafabadi
  • Nathan Hartland
  • Oldrich Kepka
  • Oliver Endner
  • Olivier Davignon
  • Petar Petrov
  • Peter Richardson
  • Phillipp Tepel
  • Plätzer Simon
  • Radek Zlebcik
  • Robert Old
  • Robin Roth
  • Sara Alderweireldt
  • Sara Khatibi
  • Sebastian Mergelmeyer
  • Stefan Gieseke
  • Steffen Schumann
  • Susan Fowler
  • Thomas Morgan
  • Torben Schell
  • Wojciech Kotlarski