Terascale Monte Carlo School 2014

DESY Hamburg

DESY Hamburg

This school will introduce details of Monte Carlo event generation. Basic lectures cover the wide range of physics behind the commonly used multi-purpose event generator programs. In line with today's quest for higher precision there are special lectures about next-to-leading order calculations and their matching and merging with parton shower programs. Practical hands-on tutorial sessions will show the use and application of the popular event generators for the example of Higgs production with a special emphasis on systematic uncertainties.
  • Andrea Banfi
  • Andrea Banfi
  • Ansgar Denner
  • Bijan Chokoufe Nejad
  • Christian Sander
  • Daniel Rauch
  • Daniel Schmeier
  • Emma Kuwertz
  • Fabian Bach
  • Fabian Spettel
  • Federico Demartin
  • Gagik Vardanyan
  • Gor Bazoyan
  • Jean-Nicolas Lang
  • Jennifer Thompson
  • Johannes Bellm
  • Jürgen Kroseberg
  • Marco Sekulla
  • Mehmet Ozgur Sahin
  • Michaela Clayton
  • Naim Bora Atlay
  • Nedaa Asbah
  • Niccolo' Moretti
  • Peter Skands
  • Philipp Millet
  • Rafael Delgado López
  • Rebekka Schlichte
  • Sara Borroni
  • Simon Plätzer
  • Stefan Prestel
  • Swasti Belwal
  • Thomas Schörner-Sadenius
  • Tim Stefaniak
  • Toby Opferkuch