Future Physics with HERA Data for Current and Planned Experiments

Auditorium (11/Nov), SR4 (12-13/Nov) (DESY Hamburg)

Auditorium (11/Nov), SR4 (12-13/Nov)

DESY Hamburg

Notkestr. 85 D-22607 Hamburg Germany

The workshop addresses the question:        
Which measurements could/should be still carried out with the unique HERA data collected by the H1, ZEUS and HERMES experiments and what is their relevance/impact on current
or future experiments at the LHC, ILC, LHeC, EIC or other facilities?

o Proton structure and PDFs
o Nucleon spin
o 3D nucleon structure
o Diffraction and low x
o Hadronic final states
o Jets and heavy flavours
o Monte Carlo development and tuning

The workshop starts with a symposium on the latest HERA results and continues with topical sessions.

A list of nearby hotels can be found at
If you want to make a contribution/deliver a talk you are welcome,
please send an email to the local organisers.


Confirmed speakers include:
Elke Aschenauer, Alessandro Bacchetta, Joachim Bartels, Johannes Bluemlein, Peter Bussey, Amanda Cooper-Sarkar, John Dainton, Thomas Gehrmann, Achim Geiser, Francesco Hautmann, Charlotte van Hulse, Hannes Jung, Henri Kowalski, Peter Kroll, Sven Moch, Paul Newman, Emmanuelle Nocera, Simon Plaetzer, Robert Thorne, Katarzyna Wichmann

Workshop fee:
A fee of 50 Euro is to be paid in cash at registration. The fee covers the expenses for the coffee breaks and the workshop dinner on Wednesday.

Workshop participants are kindly requested to do their own accommodation arrangements. No rooms have been pre-booked.

Rooms in the DESY hostel can be booked at
DESY hostel service

Hotel list  2012 (PDF format) or  Hotel list 2013 (web page).

Local organising committee:
Matthew Wing (Chair), Olaf Behnke, Markus Diehl, Achim Geiser
Sergey Levonian, Ami Rostomyan, Gunar Schnell, Stefan Schmitt
Send an email.


DESY map showing workshop places
  • Achim Geiser
  • Aharon Levy
  • Alessandro Bacchetta
  • Alexander Fomenko
  • Alexander Glazov
  • Alice Valkarova
  • Allen Caldwell
  • Amanda Cooper-Sarkar
  • Ami Rostomyan
  • Anatoly Solomin
  • Andrii Gizhko
  • Andrii Verbytskyi
  • Brian Foster
  • Carsten Niebuhr
  • Charlotte Van Hulse
  • Daniel Britzger
  • Elena Bystritskaya
  • Elke-Caroline Aschenauer
  • Emanuele Roberto Nocera
  • Erich Lohrmann
  • Ewald Paul
  • Francesco Hautmann
  • Francois Corriveau
  • Frank Tackmann
  • Gevorg Karyan
  • Guenter Grindhammer
  • Gunar Schnell
  • Hannes Jung
  • Henri Kowalski
  • Hubert Spiesberger
  • Iain Stewart
  • Iakov Vazdik
  • Iris Abt
  • Jacek Turnau
  • Jan Olsson
  • Janusz Malka
  • Joachim Bartels
  • Johannes Bluemlein
  • John Dainton
  • Jose Osvaldo Gonzalez Hernandez
  • Karin Daum
  • Katarzyna Wichmann
  • Klaus Rith
  • Leszek Motyka
  • Lydia Shcheglova
  • Manfred Fleischer
  • Markus Diehl
  • Marta Ruspa
  • Matthew Wing
  • Michal Praszalowicz
  • Michel Sauter
  • Misha Lisovyi
  • Mostafa Shehata
  • Nelly Gogitidze
  • Nikolay Zotov
  • Olaf Behnke
  • Oleksii Turkot
  • Olga Lukina
  • Peter Bussey
  • Peter Kroll
  • Petr Reimer
  • Robert Thorne
  • Ronan McNulty
  • Sergey Levonian
  • Simon Plätzer
  • Stefan Schmitt
  • Sven-Olaf Moch
  • Thomas Gehrmann
  • Uri Karshon
  • Vitaliy Dodonov
  • Voica Radescu
  • Volodymyr Myronenko
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