8th Terascale Detector Workshop 2015



This is the 8th Detector Workshop of the Terascale Alliance. Registration Deadline: 15th of February School (March 2 - 4): The workshop will be preceded by a 2-day introductory school on thermal and mechanical simulations based on finite-element calculations. The number of participants for the school is restricted to 20. The school takes place in the Grimm-Zentrum of the Humboldt University of Berlin, room 1.702 (https://www.grimm-zentrum.hu-berlin.de/). Workshop (March 4 - 6): The workshop contains topical sessions on Calorimetry, LHC-Run-2-readiness, advanced pixel detectors, low mass detector designs. In addition, there will be individual talks on LHCb fibre tracker, AIDA, Belle II, and CTA. The workshop will take place in the main building of the Humboldt University of Berlin (Senatssaal, Unter den Linden 6, 10099 Berlin, https://www.hu-berlin.de/suche/stadtplan/ul6og1.png/view). Workshop dinner: The conference dinner takes place on the 5th of March, at 19:00. Place: Restaurant Cum Laude which is on campus very close to the workshop place. The fee for the school and/or workshop is 45,00 EUR, including the coffee breaks during the school and workshop, and the workshop dinner. How to go to HU main building: https://www.hu-berlin.de/service-en/contact/how-to-get-to/campus-mitte/standardseite?set_language=en&cl=en Public transport: http://www.bvg.de/en Accommodation: It turns out that the hotel situation in Berlin during that week becomes a bit difficult due to a trade fair running in parallel and resulting in quite high hotel prices. It is recommended to book your hotel very soon. You might try www.hrs.de/Das-Hotelportal with price and distance filters to the city center to find rooms at reasonable rates. Organization committee: Alexander Dierlamm, Doris Eckstein, Lutz Feld, Ariane Frey, Hans Krüger, Heiko Lacker, Andreas Mussgiller, Hans-Christian Schultz-Coulon, Felix Sefkow, Stefan Tapprogge
  • Adrian Irles
  • Alexander Dierlamm
  • Alexandra Junkes
  • Andre Schöning
  • Andreas Mussgiller
  • Ann-Kathrin Perrevoort
  • Anna Macchiolo
  • Annika Vauth
  • Ariane Frey
  • Artur Trofymov
  • Benjamin BOITRELLE
  • Christian Zeitnitz
  • Dennis Sperlich
  • Dimitra Tsionou
  • Dmitry Kisler
  • Doris Eckstein
  • Erik Butz
  • Felix Sefkow
  • Florian Scheuch
  • Hans Krüger
  • Hans-Christian Schultz-Coulon
  • Heiko Lacker
  • Hendrik Jansen
  • Hermann Kolanoski
  • Hua Ye
  • Ingo Bloch
  • Ingrid Maria Gregor
  • Jan Dreyling-Eschweiler
  • Jelena Ninkovic
  • Jochen Steinmann
  • Katja Klein
  • Kristin Lohwasser
  • Laci Andricek
  • Louise Oakes
  • Lucia Masetti
  • Luise Poley
  • Lutz Feld
  • Marc Winter
  • Marco Szalay
  • Marius Preuten
  • Martin Lipinski
  • Martin Ritter
  • Max Rauch
  • Naomi van der Kolk
  • Niklaus Berger
  • Norbert Wermes
  • Oleksiy Fedorchuk
  • Oskar Reichelt
  • Paul Maanen
  • Pedro Ferreira da Silva
  • Rainer Stamen
  • Reimer Stever
  • Robert Eber
  • Sebastian Dittmeier
  • Stefan Tapprogge
  • Sören Ahrens
  • Tayfun Ince
  • Thomas Kirn
  • Ties Behnke
  • Tim Jones
  • Uli Koetz
  • Ulrich Parzefal